Vote for Me!

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Vote for me and I will get you all some cake

After some testing ofcourse......

Vote for me and I'll hug the adorable kitty.

Vote for me. I'll end SOPA and PIPA and give everyone a free kitten.

I think I win the thread based on the kitten alone. The pro-Internet-freedom platform is just a bonus

Vote for me for a brighter future and a better tomorrow, oh and change.

Vote for me! I'll mentally condition everyone to love sushi.

Vote for me, I'll give you free starfish.

Vote for me and I'll give you all starfish sushi.


Vote for me! He's delusional! He's not even voted yet and he's already treating you like scum! D:

Vote for me, I will bring a brighter tomorrow*

*By setting off a nuke.

Vote for me and I'll kiss the next person.

I was going to make a Republican style slur against mParadox and his new policy, kissing men for votes, and tie it to Homosexuality, but I don't roll like that.
Vote for me!

He's honourable. That is against the very fibre of being a politician. Vote for me! O.O

mParadox supports Evil in Politics
Vote for me!

A vote for me is a vote for the AJBA- Anti-Justin Bieber Act.

Vote for me, and I'll funnel your tax dollars into something vague I like to call "the Zombie Franklin Initiative."

Vote for me and you shall recieve a laser-cat of your very own!

Vote for me and I'll vote for you.

Vote for me and I'll follow you.

Vote for me and I'll make the escapist internet bunker bigger!

A vote for me will double the amount of Escapist thread display hamsters.

Dr. Susse will spend your tases on Fuel for his Bus.
Vote for me.

A vote for him is a vote for Lucifer. Vote for me! The vote where it counts.

mParadox supported SOPA!
Vote for me!

Vote for me for free cheese and crackers!

You want to know who else liked Cheese and crackers? HITLER!
Vote for Me!
The Nazi party will not vote for Philol just because Hitler likes those things

Vote for me because Feigelein.

Vote for me because I need access to the treasury.

What? Don't look at me that way. It's only for some light embezzlement. >.>

Vote for me for no real discernable change and a load of hot air.

Vote for me and there would be no real change~

Pyramid is a conservative!
Vote for Me.

Vote for me and receive pop tarts! :D

Pyramid wants to make your children un-healthy and fat!
Vote for Me.

Vote for me and I'll give every a free ride on the back!

Vote for me to repeal Amendment LXXXVIII (Thou shalt not commit homicide)

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