the ^ < V game

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I played this game before on another forum, I'm sure it's probably been done a few times but for anyone who's interested basically...

first put an upward arrow, ^ to make an assumption about the poster above you, then something resembling a left arrow < and say something about yourself, then a down arrow of some discription,V to make an assumtion about the poster to follow you...there's no winner per se, but oh well lol

I'll go first

^ does not exist

< likes Pepsi

V is about to attempt smart-ass comment

^ plays Final Fantasy
< plays Final Fantasy
V plays Final Fantasy


^ Genuinely made me laugh
< Is not at all witty or funny.
V Will come up with something funny to say. :D

^ Has high expectations

< Made of corn.

V Has played this game before.

^ is wrong

< Never played this game.

v hated by me.

^- totally knows them >.>
< - Didn't try his best to keep this last thread alive.
v- didn't know about this last one.

^ Is wrong.

< Knew about the last one but doesn't really like this kind of game too much as it doesn't lend for derailment conversations as much as others.

v Thinks I derail too much.

^ Not as Pokemon-obsessed as people might think.
< Not Pokemon-obsessed at all.
V Totally pokemon-obsessed.

^ doesn't know me very well

< had all 150 of the original, in holographic where available

v is thinking about lunch

^ Is a brony
< Is a brony who just ate lunch
v Is not a brony

^ is going to join my new made-up fictional cult.
< is going to write a hugely successful fiction series off said cult (or not).
v Has watched Jim Henson's The Cube

^ is a Jim Henson groupie
< always leaves Kaiden to die on Virmire
v has an opinion on ME3's endings being spoiled

^ Secretly has a crush on Wrex
< Is scheduled for "war" with house-mates at 3am local time
v Wishes they had a third arm

^ Is right a third arm would be awesome....weird but awesome
< is a fan of Ashley Williams
v is gonna be wrong in thier assumption about me

^ Is correct in their assumption of me (PARADOX! O_o)
< Likes heavy metal music
v Is a cat person

^ if by that then you mean cat girl...then damn your good
< is now downloading Lair of the Shadow Broker
v thinks he/she is gonna survive the zombie apocalypse

^ Of course...
<... I'm Australian, zombies are the least of our worries
v Will make a crack about our hopeless government

^ Is wrong.

< Frequently lies.

V Is a forum gamer.

^ Is a penguin

< Fights like a cow

V Clubs baby seals.

^ Assumes all Canadians do that.

< ...clubs baby seals.

V Sneezes regularly.

^ Extremely talkative
< Is not actually into Touhou rule 34
V Is.

^ Gets that.

< Doesn't.

V Uses Twitter.

^ is wrong lol
< didnt understand twitter within 5 minuets so never went back :\
V is most likely more versed in the ways of the inter web than I

^ Killed the thread

< Revived the thread

V Will kill the thread again

^ Wants to sleep but can't resit the call of the internet.

< Board right now.

V Does not have fresh bacon.

^I s correct

< Wonders if he'll be needed to bump the thread again

V Wants a new computer.

^ Is the one who actually wants a new computer.

< Is avoiding revision with just over a week until exams

V Isn't at university

^ Unfortunately true.

< Hungry Hungry

V Hippo

^ Must play vidya games with me.

< Is sick.

V Is getting down with the sickness.

^ Somehow knew that I do like that song.

< Is about ready to play some vidya games.

V Made a post after me.

^ Is correct about making a post after you.

< Comes correct with the beats.

V Has never scored incorrectly on a test.

^ Likes grape soda
< Happy it's Friday
v Has teeth

^ Has no idea what I'm thinking.

< Has a snack.

V Has something else they could be doing.

^ gets the point
< doesnt get the point
V doesnt know what is the point

^ is wrong and right.

< Has a snack again.

V Will want a snack soon.

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