the ^ < V game

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^ False. It's clearly a type of bread.

< Is sleepy.

V Is currently the middle of the day where they live.

^ M1+W pyro

< M2+W pyro

V Redlin?

^ Maybe?

< Redlin?

V Redlin

^ Nope

< the artist formerly known as scorptatious

V ?nildeR

^ I don't even know anymore...
< Is confused
V Will explain what this 'Redlin' is.

^ don't look at me, I have no idea
< Searching google for the answer to the "Redlin Conspiracy"
V Is secretly a member of said conspiratorial group

^ Shhh don't say it so loud...

< inconspicuous >.> <.<

V Distract them!

^ Umm, *thinks of distraction* Cookies for everybody!
< Likes cookies
V Prefers muffins.

^ is wrong
< prefers cookies

V is thinking about dinner

^ But of course :3

< Hungry

V <9000

^ Nope.

< Is watching something about machine guns.

V Hates history and science shows.

^ Nope.

< Is at Uni

V does everything, FOR SCIENCE!

^ Only occasionally. Mostly I do things for no real reason.

< Wants his combustible lemons now.

V Has seen almost every movie ever made.

Captcha: live. love. internet.

^ Nope, I've yet to see Hardcore Porn 3: HARDCORE
< Not a fan of porn.
V Is a porn aficionado.

^ Needs help
< Will gladly give help (heeheeheeheehahahahahaaa!)
V NURSE! Restrain ze patient!

^ Nope!
< Likes kittens!
V Watches bad 90's anime...and likes it (Akira, looking at you)

^ Unshakeably true, that is my current replacement for junk fun.
< Also likes Gurren Lagann
V Are you gonna combine?

^ The High Lord Kamina says so, and so shall it be.

< Hail the High Lord!

V Are you a heretic, heretic?

^ Traitor
< Commie Traitor
V Mutant Commie Traitor

^ No longer trustworthy.

< Somewhat trustworthy.

V Now with more insects.

^ That's exactly what an untrustworthy person would say!

< Not Trustworthy

V Lovable Dog

^ No.

< Doesn't quite know what he wants to do.

V Knows exactly what they want to do.

^ Most of the time

< Love Wi-Fi

V Don't you?

^ Only when it works.

< Hates it when his connection to the internet decides to kill itself momentarily.

V Wants to know what that smell is.

^ Probably the tears of blind orphan children. They get everywhere let me tell you

< Hates that feeling you get when you eat massive amounts of unhealthy food.

V May possibly be vegan

^ Ha, no.

< Is sleepy.

V Is unfamiliar with the word sleep.

^ True

< Clicked the spinning Button

V Should click the button

^ Not when I have my trusty flamethrower.

< Knows several ways to make a flamethrower.

V Is really Bigfoot.


< Not actually a hairy ape typing this on a laptop

V Hairy ape typing this on a laptop

^*scratches armpit* *eats banana* ... What?

< Drinking water

V Sleeps upside down

^ If I do I'm unaware of doing so.

< Watching videos.

V Has made a video within the last week.

^ BZZZZT! Wrong!
< I'm sorry, the correct answer was Sushi! Sushi! Well, we have our finalist, come back after the break to find out who will win big!
V And the final question is... What... Is the wind-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

^ Trick question. Unless your somehow planning on throwing an entire programming language at wind speed, which would then be variable, in which case I have no damn idea. Pie maybe?

< And the Winner is.....

V Apple! Apple's net income in 2011 wins against microsoft by 2 billion! What champagne would you like, good sir?

^ Normal Champagne..?
< Not so keen on champagne, prefers cider - arr!
V Drinks vodka like a fish.

^ If I did, I would be a very pickled fish
< feels witty
V Prefers whiskey

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