the ^ < V game

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^ Wrong.

< doesn't drink at all.

V And the question is: Banana.

^ Has better things to do
< Should be working
V Hiding from the Fuzz

^ Shut up! You're ruining a perfectly good hiding place!

< Not hiding. At all.

V You should move on your way.

^ Did someone say something?

< Bleh.

V Knows the meaning of taco.

^ Taco (TA-co), noun, A Mexican dish consisting of a fried folded tortilla, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.
< A walking dictionary AND WORLD'S GREATEST HAM!

^ Taco (TA-co), noun, A Mexican dish consisting of a fried folded tortilla, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

I said meaning, not definition.
^ Not really.

< Has an idea about something.

V Will fetch for me anything I want.

^ If you ask nicely

< changed avatar

V Will tell me they love it

^ Meh.

< Thinks it would look better if it were actually an evil smurf.

V Will answer questions 5 and 6 using only a rubber band.

^ Depends on what kind of questions they are.

< Heropon Riki!

V Everybody! Hero Time!

^ You first.

< Needs to wake up his little brother. Again.

V does not have this problem.

^ true

< looked for an evil smurf

V like smurfs

^ Likes smurfs TOO much
< Thinks smurfs are disgusting little creatures
V Has been hired to assassinate Papa Smurf

^ You won't pay me enough so no deal.

< Has started reading this.

V Has not read any of that before.

^ Dr. Bright's newest body
< Dr. Clef's newest lackey
V Agent Strelnikov's newest whipping boy

(SCP-Foundation is bloddy brilliant, isn't it?)

^ You wish you could retire from that position.(I've barely scratched the surface of the thing)

< had a snow cone for breakfast.

V can tell me what game is third from the bottom of my game stack.(your hint:it's a PS2 game)

^ Ummm... Okami? I dunno

< Loves Okami

V Caused Clover Studios to close. Damn you!

^ *twirls mustache*

< About to do laundry

V Swallowed a lobster whole

^ Ummm... Okami? I dunno

Close. Okami is seventh from the bottom.

^ You have me confused with someone else.

< Feels somewhat like crap.

V Suffers from chronic laziness.

^ HOW DID YOU KNOW!!! *peeks out of window to look for stalkers*
< Wait it's 4am, what am I doing awake.
V Shocked and amazed that dahl goes so well with so many things.

^ how true!
< is going to see the dark knight rises tonight
V is jealous

^ Not at all. I haven't even seen the other movies.

< doing stuff before brain decides to go to bed.

V Is being stalked.

^ *hears rustling noises from the bushes outside*
< Sleep is for the weak!
V Agrees with the above statement

^ If only it were actually true, then we could both stay up all night.

< Forgot to type the rest of this before hitting post.

V Did not do that.

^ NOPE! :)
< Loves listening to Lemon Demon
V Appreciates the added alliterative appeal

^ What now?

< Will do something. Eventually.

V How ya doin'?

^ just foruming

< Will get dressed maybe

V wants to buy my a pizza

^ Nope.

< Bored.

V Having the time of his/her life.

^ Not really.

< Wants to know what to say.

V Tried to chase the rainbow.

^ I once was the rainbow!

< loves his new avatar

V is jealous

^ ... a little.

< Needs to get around to making a new avatar.

V Changes their avatar often.

^ Yes, but not here.
< Username seemed so clever at the time
V His was never clever.

^ I wont argue that.

< Is off to play video game.

V wishes that they could join me.

^ Nope.

< Something something something.

V Is having an okay day.

^ What sort of wizardry is this? Get out of my head! D:
< Just wants to draw more portaits for my portfolio argg
V Is likely to have a Firefly memorial shrine in their closet.

^ I like the show, but not that much.

< What?

V Knows what the what is when what is what and what is who times what.

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