the ^ < V game

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^ Is wrong
< Only has sleep on mind
v Will never leave this site

^ Is partially wrong.

< always seems to have something to eat when posting on this thread.

V Has probably been here longer than me.

...wrong!...wait, RIGHT!
^ Is right I have been here for a looooong time. :D
< Will have a snack soon...bwahahaha.
V Is about to go to bed.

^ can read minds

< is a communist

V will crucify me for being a communist

^Is not only a communist, but a mutant commie traitor
<Loves Paranoia
V Has no idea what Paranoia is

^ Is wrong about that last statement.

< Should be doing chores right now.

V Wants to be either a pirate or a ninja.

^ Hurrah, piracy!

< Likes space ships.

V Makes space ships.

^ Is right if he meant out of LEGO.

< Has played with his LEGO in quite some time.

V Wants a celebrity for a best friend.

^ Only if you count Terry Pratchett. God bless that old sod.
< Reads Discworld
V Is Terry Pratchett in disguise.

^ likes ponies

< can't figure out how to get an avatar

V will be female (let's see how this goes)

^ Is wrong.(I am a man, thank you very much)

< should probably be asleep right now.

V probably doesn't have a present for me. :(

^ Will receive a special present at an unspecified date and time

< Should be revising but is doing anything but

V shall bring Cheetos.

^ will get his own damn Cheetos.

< bored out of his freaking mind.

V Will hopefully not be me.

^Is paranoid
< Is secretly ruling the world through coffee shops
V Is in the Illuminati

^ how did you know?
< is a drinking coffee right now
V has brown hair

^ Is somehow right-ish. (light brown)...also is a smart arse
< Is horrified at horror games. ^_^
V Is scared of horror games.

^ Meh.

< Has food now.

V Loves to dance.

^ Never!
< has school tomorrow
v graduated a long time ago

^ About a year ago, yes.

< should probably sleep soon.

V Refuses to give me fresh bacon.stingy jerkface

^ Get your hands off me you damn dirty...
< Makes too many references.
V Should make more references to himself.

^ Eats babies
< Eats kittens
V Eats MacDonalds

^ Is wrong
< Is right
v Is on fire

^ Fire! FIRE! FIRE!

< doesn't know what to put here.

V Doesn't know what I'm doing after I post this.

^ Pff, I already know your taking a shower...stalking, why would you say that.
< Thinks he is The Lightning Archangel.
V Thinks they can outperform Daystar at derailing threads.

^ Thinks Daystar is the best thread derailer, when in fact that honor goes to mParadox.
< Is the groove
v Plays funky beats for a living

^ Is probably much better than me at playing funky beats
< Wants to be the last Time Lord (but not TimeLord)
v Lives in a box

^ The proper term is cardboard mansion.

< Has not taken a shower yet today.

V Plans to steal all the seagulls.

^ Has already stolen all the seagulls
< Resigned to stealing all the magpies instead
V Is a magpie

^...I HATE magpies...
< Hates Aussie Rules Footbal. (AFL)
V Have never heard of AFL.

^ Is correct.
< Is in school.
v Is a large mouth bass.

^ is wrong. I am a cat, meow
< is in class
v is a movie buff

^ Not really.

< Wants to play Minecraft, but wants to sleep more.

V Probably wont see this without having quoted me first.

^...what, you not saying anything!

< Thinking of playing a Touhou game...also is in college. :(

V Has heard of Touhou.

^ nope.
< is tired but wants to play TF2
v has not heard of Porcupine Tree (one of my favourite bands)

^ True.
v Evil deity.

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