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^ Never!
< Likes the swagger of that evil teddy bear from that anime where everyone is supposed to kill each other to survive and also be punished for killing.
v Then again, I've only seen the abridged version.

^ People always recommend me those abridged series. I'd probably really enjoy them too.

< My legs hurt like the last time I stopped drinking soft drinks for a while. Some kind of withdrawal, probably.

v Is a USB charging station.

^ Dude, if that were true I could make some serious money from just letting people charge their stuff at like the mall or something.

< Would probably get really annoyed about it after a while though.

V Click all the things.

^ It's the only way to be for sure.
< With nukes, though, all you get is giant wolves and ghouls.
v Prefers dropping giant metal rods from space.

^ Too much effort transporting the rods.

< I'm looking forward to the raid bosses for Pokemon Go, provided I can beat them alone somehow...

v I sure hope I won't have to actually socialise whe playing video games outdoors.

^ Nothing is going to break your stride; nothing is going to hold you down, oh no!
< Really has been watching too many Gamer Gifs with Sound, that was from Mr. Bean playing Pokemon Go.
v Would like to watch a propeller-plane turn a burning zeppelin into a fire-tornado.

^ Maybe just a drawing of it.

< Too many deaths in real life.

V never got the hang of stick figures.

^ that's about all I can draw.

< so. . . elusive

V rubber bandit.

^ Flick me at your siblings!

< *lazy*

v Artificially coloured and flavoured.

^ Nah bra!

< 100% pure.

V 85%-ish' sleepy

^ It'll hit me like a ton of bricks in an hour or so.

< Listening to Ian Hecox, Markiplier, Hila and Ethan Klein talk about pain. I'm wincing.

v Lacks character development.

^ Unfortunately true.
< Shamed by his cool 9-years-younger cousin.
v I wouldn't be so late to the adulthood party if I could just find a tabletop group to play with.

^ Oh god man. I drew properly for the first time in years because playing and D&D got my mood up and my creative juices flowing again. I really recommend it. Join a club or something.

< Is also a lot less cooler than his cousins. They bring significant others to family gatherings.

v Feels the senility setting in.

^ Considering my ideal age is 8, that's not far off.
< After watching Channel Awesome's Best Beast Wars (my first favorite cartoon) Episodes, I still don't believe Reboot (never watched it) is any better.
v Then again, I've only ever seen about 15 seconds of Reboot.

^ Just turn that belief into something more based in knowledge. I've never seen Reboot though.

< When somebody presents a strawman and won't even kick it over.

v Such a waste...

^ He was well made

< Compression should not be applied gently.

V check for traps?

^ that's why this bloody dungeon is taking FOREVER!

< now your thinking like a rogue!

V You're unbelievaBULL!

^ Enchantment!
< Is not Groot.

^ Couldn't tell you.

< Starts working again tomorrow.

V Has fallen behind on something.


< Oh shit my meds!

V Ca va?

< Lost all his bases to a cat.
v Sure we take off every zig, but for what?

^ How should I know?

< my back and feet hurt. A lot.

V What IS love?

^ A hole, as I understand it.
< Prefers the surface-world, thanks.
v Would date Alex Mauer.

^ Even if all the current bullshit weren't going down, probably not.

< Mostly because I wouldn't have known who the person even is beforehand anyway.

V Spaceship?

^ Spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP!
< A 8-year-old thug-life fetishist once declared on a church-bus that I was dating his teenage aunt, who was wearing way too much make-up.
v Having to protect my dignity, I felt the need to proclaim that I would never date clowns.

^ Damn.

< HoNK

V ====>?

^ But wait, there's more!
< The boy's sister came to her defense with "She was born that way!"
v I said "No, she was born beautiful; she made herself ugly."
> I was then asked to sit somewhere else.

^ The absolute madman.

< Across the border, where tayto crisps are in different packaging.

v *taps head*

^ I play bongos with MY head!
< One-up-man-ship isn't always worth the trouble.
v Here's a great idea: Every beloved single-player story in gaming history ought to be dragged through online multiplayer mud.

^ Liked Bioshock 2's single player though, as well as its multiplayer.

< I am back and my cat is excitable and sniffing my shoes.

v I am the favoured one.

^ Bioshock 2 is a fine example of a bad idea done really well, but I'm thinking of garbage like Need for Speed Rivals and Elder Scrolls Online where you're not even allowed an offline mode.
< Found a perfect single red piece for Gizmo's car that includes all 4 wheels and the framework between them; it's even big enough for a mini-figure to look like a regular car instead of a go-cart.
v Naturally, I put it on my Lego Dimensions pog for that vehicle; now I should just add pieces to make it look right.

^You are speaking Greek to me....

< Ashamed he let spam crack the greatest sub forum.

V Will hand down a sentence.

^ It would be fragmented.

< Fortunately the cat did not have ringworm.

v Hello, operator? There are young, drunk people in hot pants outside...

^ Forget the fuzz, any drunks that stumble onto my property will have their liver confiscated.
< They have it easy compared to smokers that don't keep their distance.
v Doesn't respect my right to protect my lungs and nose from the sadistic assault that is second-hand smoke.

^ I Athrea Franklin r e s p e c t you bra.

< *Vapes with renewed vigor.*

V How good of a word is vigor?

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