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^ I like it.

< Played Catan on Tabletop Simulator. I'm glad it facilitated such a good game. Didn't win, but it was tense the whole time.

v Bad stat rolls.

^Makes a fun character.

< Likes shit things.

V Barbarian mutliclass wizard.

^ I am the opposite of all those things, stealth pure FTW!
< However, a tabletop character I have in-mind is a melee pure who religiously rejects all clothing and equipment.
v Prefers weird characters over arch-types.

^ true dat

< I have a paladin I want to play that has no weapon, full plate and a sheild. I call him the healing rock.

V Adventures league legal?

^ I don't know.

< Blarg.

V How many things do you own?

^ ...I lost count. One, twoooo, threeee...

< Today I learned: Do not ask Steve-O for a ghost story, you just get hyperactive ramblings about a particularly bad trip.

v Pick a breed of dog.

^ Mutts!
< Secretly picked a fast-food chain instead.
v Can stop the spambots, but they're just too funny.


< Would if I could. And oh my god do I try!

V Bring spam to the forum games?

^ only to play out the flashback from AVP.
< But if we so much as acknowledge Requim, it's not worth it.
v Oh wait...

^ Wait for what?

< Blarg.

V Do you need healing?

^ By setting that rule, I broke the same rule.
< If I get healing from an upside-down man, will that hurt me?
v We should hasten Martian moons crashing; the increased gravity of Mars will weaken the storms because rocks will be heavier.


< I bought one thing in the sale and it was shovel knight.

v Maybe I'll play it one day.

^ I liked it

< Liked it

V blue sky?

^ Dark Skies.

< Spyro 1 has one of my favourite video game soundtracks ever. I think it's the prominent drums.

v Arse dagger.

^Unfortunate for everyone involved surely.


V Don't call me Shirley.

^ Shirley!

< A naughty boy that ought to be punished.

v I hear some people crap out of their asses, would you believe.

^ is that a subtle joke that with some people the crap comes out of their mouth?

< when the world gets in my face, I say: HAVE A NICE DAY!

V wrong neighborhood mother fudger.

also setting the FIRElord on fire.


Drake the Dragonheart:
^ is that a subtle joke that with some people the crap comes out of their mouth?

You make the mistake of thinking I'm that clever.

< Plot twist, every post I have ever made was a SOCIAL AND POLITICAL COMMENTARY!

v I'm 14 and this is deep.

^ Or is it?

< I don't know.

V Pants or pants?

^If you wear them like this they're a hat.

< Head pants.

V We must size the means of production.

^ Size or seize?

< Has to goo to work soonish.

V All my base are belong to you.

^ ty

< tbh

v ftr

^ qte

< Meant size.

V Marxist measures?

^ Are they a Marxist? Did they have to spellcheck bourgeoisie?

< I met up with some strangers via a local Pokemon Go group and now I have a shiny new Charizard and a fast TM. What the fuck.

v This user, 15, feels like their life is out of control.

^ I think I have a good grip on things.

< the one who can unite the past and the future.

V No one can stop death. . . except apparently a baby ****ing murloc! I am death, for I am MURLOC!

I am already dead. So when I am killed, what am I then? More dead, deader, alive?

^ Eh.

< Needs to go to sleep.

V You ever wish there were more hour in a day?

^ NO. I wish you would respond with more than a one word answer when I post herostorm videos in this thread!

< got lots of sleep.

V Heroes 2.0 is here! Diablo has trolled your corpse!

Brightwing you creepy voiced monster!

^ My father was a creepy voiced monster.

< In the countryside. I'm okay with giving the cows in the field behind my friend's house a pat on the head, but I can't get over that slimy grey tongue that greets your hand sometimes.

v Sheep.

^ wolves

< two steps from hell.

V knows all too well such is the life of a worker unit in an RTS

^ In reply to your earlier response, but I don't care about HeroStorm.

< Needs money.

V How much pants do you have?

^ 3.633333 recurring.

< I had a really nice burger for a late lunch yesterday. Cajun chicken, lettuce, mushrooms, onion and jalapenos in a sesame seed bun.

v Has a favourite topping.

^ yes but topping for what? pizza topping? ice cream topping?

< allright now I'm hungry!

V "Have you spoken to Orik yet?"
"Not yet. What does one say to an ancient nephalem ghost?"
"I suppose you start with "hello"."

^ Hello.

< Completed a Machamp raid with some randies, but failed to catch the mf-er. I'd head into town to enjoy the Go-Fest celebration but I fear with just one external battery to carry around, limited social skills and no ability to drive, there wouldn't be much point.

v Briefs are like man-bras.

^ what bizarre logic leads you to make such a statement?

< one shot from heaven

V "My stomach feels strange."
"Did you forget to eat again?"
"No. In fact I decided to get the days eating done all at once. I ate until I literally could not take another bite"
"Sounds like you ate too much then."
"Being a mortal is complicated."

Drake the Dragonheart:
^ what bizarre logic leads you to make such a statement?

^ Bras support a woman's dangly bits, briefs support men's.

< Beautiful day, played Pokemon GO for 4 hours. Got the chance to catch Lugia, too. It's really cool doing a raid surrounded by 20 or so people. Not even mad it got away, I had a lot of fun, despite the awful frame rate and frequent crashes.


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