the ^ < V game

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^ Guilty

< The rugby team is pretty good to watch....even though they suck.


^ Nah.

< Didn't bother reading Headsprouter's ^ response.


^ Is the boss!

< *tsssssssssssss BOOM*

v Is now covered in tasty waffles.

^ You fool! How could you join the side of those who don't read the ^ section!?

< Been eyeing up kimchi recently, so I bought some kimchi instant ramen locally. The sourness was very welcome. I think I might try something closer to the real thing soon.

v Hates pickles.

^ Yep.

< Has been mostly chatting with others from the Escapist on a Discord server we made.

V Sees all the doors.

^ of perception.

< Huxley life.

V The shape of things to come.

^ Just like the Ouya!

< I've been playing Plague Knight. He's got so many bombs and so many ways to extend jump distance and air time that he almost feels cheap.

v The Dark Souls of forum posters.

^ No?

< Actually thinking about buying two of the only good thing from the Creation Club. For some odd reason.

V The game crashed again.

^ Actually, it didn't, it worked fine, the coding was perfect and the missus enjoyed it, thank you! -_-

< Is too lazy to do the cooking for lunch...

v Is going to buy me pizza...

^ I already got dumplings.

< The spring rolls were actually better. Amazing, actually.

v Making dat paper.

^ Oh thanks... the dumplings were good... could've done with a better quality hoisin...! Threw the paper away, BTW, it was crap...

< About to make pasta for the weak...

v Doesn't appreciate my taste in music...

^ It reminded me of Quake 2's soundtrack at points, and I really like Quake 2's soundtrack.

< Been on a really odd music trip recently. To put it simply, Vaporwave and Japan.

v Pwns noobs.

^Noob spambots!

< Is himself a spambot.

V How far we've come.

^ And how far we've fallen.

< about to start work.


^ *hoses you with a fire extinguisher*

< *needs to get back to his scripting*

v *nailed to the floor*

^ It was to stop me convulsing from the awesomeness of Tripwire's latest WWAUT for KF2.

< I hope my group project goes okay. I'm mostly concerned for the guy with bad attendance and myself.

v Sailor Moon.

^ Cardcaptor for life bra!

< New Dnd Book announced today.

V Of dice and men.

^ Ha!

< Hated the Disney movie for Of Mice And Men.

V Has read many old books.

^ I've read a few. Catcher in the Rye and Of Mice and Men most notably.

< I like both, but I'm quite into bromance so Of Mice and Men I remember more fondly. I know the themes aren't quite that simple, but that's how I like to describe it. I don't recall a Disney movie though, just that one directed, produced by and starring Gary Sinise.

v They were so close...

^ But in the end the waffle house was closed for business.

< Tragic.

V They might be giants

^ Well-hidden ones.

< I cleared out a bunch of shit from my room and then slept in it with dust flying everywhere. My face hurts.

v Viscous.

^ My name's not Sid, however... -.-

< Really needs to tidy up...

v Wants to kill for my cottage pie...(!)

^ Not now that's it's digested.

< Would kill possibly for the recipe though.

V Thinks about how Julian Asange has spent every day for five years in the one building sometimes.

^ Nope... right up until now... you ass! =P

< Renting a flat is such a hassle... -_-

v Needs to do something about that corpse...

^ Probably.

< Blarg.

V Convinced that whales are actually advanced aline submarines.

^I'm more concerned that they would be horrible aerodynamically.

< A bowl of petunias.

V #Winning

^ Naw... #Stressing... :/

< Playing old but not retro games, what a ponce!

v Sees the world in 2D sprites...

^ Ackchyually we see the world in 2D anyway. Our eyes are just really good at picking up on depth.

< The cat next door tries to do the whole petting thing through the window.

v *thinly veiled contempt*

^ Only for defy.

< whoops

V Owns a screwdriver

^ A few, but I can never find them when I need them. And if I can find one, it's not the right shape.

< Pokemon GO is very satisfying to play when you can go somewhere and get results. I went to a desert biome in town today and was able to find four trapinch.

v Has muscles on their muscles.

^ Is a spindly noodle...

< Has a stomach ache...

v Is going to give me drugs...

^ The home-made kind.

< Finished the first Professor Layton game and I want more.

v Leans on everything.

^ I do enjoy a good lean yes.

< Especially rocking on a chair.

V On the road to nowhere.

^ It's okay, I can walk along the ropes to bypass most of the platforming.

< I started playing duel links out of a desire for less involved games recently. And no, Konami will not get any of my money.

v Kaiba.

^ Nope... 'fraid not... -_-

< More Really Slow Motion... really, need more... -_-

v Recommend me Witcher 3... -_-

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