the ^ < V game

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^ I can't recommend it to myself.

< Posted a link to a discord server for other Escapists on the Forum games group page if anyone is interested.It's not filled with all the shitposters from the WW either.(though shitposting does occasionally happen)

V Time for exploding rectangles!

^ Geometry wars?

< I have joined another discord. Let's see how often I post in it...

v Clammy.

^ Steamed clams?

< Should be asleep at the time of posting this, but isn't for reasons.

V Knows the reason for the cheese'n.

^It aint easy being cheesy.

< Truth

V image

^ How uncouth...

< Sort of uncouth...

v Quite uncouth...

^ Probably.

< Wishes he had an extra day for weekend time.

V Flies into space at regular intervals.

^ Not as often as I'd like...

< Really ought to get more sleep...

v Should give me their sleeping hours...

^ No.

< Needs his sleep.

V Needs a bath.

^ *sniff* Yes, you do... >.>

< Ought to start making dinner...

v Is going to buy me pizza...

^ I can't even buy myself a pizza.

< Wishes there were more things that didn't require money.

V Works out.

^ Does playing sport count.

< If not no.

V Penguins don't like ice blocks.

^ I like ice.

< Don't put it in my milk though

V Are you a weirdo who puts ice in orange juice?

^ No. I don't even like ice in appropriate drinks. It dilutes the drink and gets in the way.

< Chippy beefburgers taste like mediocrity.

v Has untapped potential.

^ News to me... -_-

< Currently procrastinator in chief...

v Has some empty coffins for me to borrow...

^Nah but I can build you one.

< Has the tools.

V got wood?

^ Go to bed, penis!

< This structured form of conversation appeals to my autism.

v Edgier than me.

^ Nah I'm human shaped too.

< Human shaped.

V The Gnomes are out early this year!

^ are they? Run for your lives...

< still needs to pack...

v has access to hammer space for me to borrow...

^ I have a feeling you're not looking to store hammers.

< Some people say bury the same as berry.

v Cadberry eggs.

^ Dipping hot chips into those is a think I've seen somewhere but can't remember the contex

< Freedom fries

V Freedom fire?

^ Nah.

< Would love to get out of the seemingly endless cycle of frustration and tiredness,even if just for a day.

V Can't sing.

^ how'd you know?

< Real courage only shows when you are tested

V It's not what stands in front of you, it's who stands beside you.

^ And knowing what's behind you.

< And where you're walking

V Duck!

^ duck, Goose!

< is a pantomime

V Have you seen Only The Brave? If so what did you think?

^ Nope, never seen it.

< Probably never will.

V Hello.

^ Good morning! It's a shame you probably won't see it. it was terrific.

< for honor!

V This might be the most Russian video ever made outside of Russia. Carbot is probably now on a NSA and/or CIA watchlist!
for Alexi Stukov, the entire universe is. . . within arm's length!

also figet spinner mount! stukov should have a hero specific mount option: kosack dance march!

^ Okay, that was funny.

< Will miss this site when it finally goes down.

V What's your favorite body part?

^ all of them.

< never knows what to write here.

V Andrew Ashcraft 29 Robert Caldwell 23 Travis Carter 31 Dustin DeFord 24 Christopher MacKenzie 30 Eric March 43 Grant McKee 21 Sean Misner 26 Scott Norris 28 Wade Parker 22 John Percin Jr 24 Anthony Rose 23 Jesse Steed 36 Joe Thurston 32 Travis Turbyfill 27 William Warneke 25 Clayton Whitted 28 Kevin Woyjeck 21 Garret Zuppiger 27

"It is no longer the guilt of surviving that I carry with me but the honor of knowing my brothers as you do. As heroes."
- Brendan McDonough
Granite Mountain Hotshots Last Alarm 06-30-13 We will never forget.

^ I only read about half of that.

< Will help to keep this thread alive as long as the Escapist also remains alive.

V Clockwork pants aren't very comfortable.

^ You're not wrong

< Tick tock near your cock.

V Constitution check.

^ Keels over.

< Getting extremely tired of first shift's bullshit.

V Onions.

^ After dicing lightly simmer in butter until brown

< Next stir into the cake batter.

V Onion cake?

^ that sounds gross

< in it to the bitter end.

V "It is no longer the guilt of surviving that I carry with me, but the honor of knowing my brothers as you know them. As heroes." - Brendan McDonough, Granite Mountain Hotshot and sole survivor of the Yarnell Hill Fire

^ ...Neat.

< Working.

V Bork or borf?

^ Some kind of Blargh

< Impending holiday

V Fan of the woods.

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