the ^ < V game

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^ What?

< Wishes the weekends were longer.

V Go do your homework.


< Got my Lugia today! Shame about the Articunos, but it was awesome walking around with such a big group.

v ...You spilled my coffee.

^ Soz bro

< I can get you another?

V Knows a good barista.

^ Nope.

< Would love more money to pay bills and buy food with.


^ for ice cream!

< I know a guy!

V "My stomach feels strange."
"Did you forget to eat again?"
"No. In fact I decided to get the days eating done all at once. I ate until I literally could not take another bite"
"Sounds like you ate too much then."
"Being a mortal is complicated."

^I'd rather be immoral than immortal.

< Quote of the day 2017

V Are bats not just leather birds?

^ has bats on the brain

< Bats the way un huh un huh I like it!

V knows all to well such is the life of a worker unit in an RTS

^ I suck at RTS...granted that's probably because I don't enjoy them enough to have the patience to learn strategies. It's kind of like MOBA games where there's often a right way of doing things and the real time element is too unforgiving to give a snail-brain like me time to think about my next move.

< Can be a bit of a deer in headlights.

v Recently converted.

^ An old house to led downlights yes!

< Electrician.

V Student?

^ Not a particularly studious one.

< Tried a venison burger. That particular venison burger just seemed to be a very nice, juicy beefburger. Expensive, but well sized and very satisfying.

v Hippie.

^Nah man

< Me really

V Gets the weirdest targeted google ads.

^ how did you know?

< no matter how many I dislike I keep getting them.

V "The enemy has us surrounded!"
"Good that means we can fire in all directions!"

^ My friend was getting lots of booby lady streamers yesterday advertising some app or service. He's gay.

< I just want one day where it doesn't rain once.

v Death to squishies.

^ image

< Dr Nefarious is one of my all time favorite villains.

V What's one of yours?

^ I like Jacob Crow. He's a bit like Nefarious in that he's a bit of a goof, winds up artificially enhancing himself and wants to replace all life with an artificial superior. He doesn't stall and pick up radio dramas though.

< The park closed with me in it. It's happened before, so I climbed out as usual, but when I landed I realised my charger fell out of my pocket, and wasn't on this side of the wall. So I had to Nathan Drake up on top of a power box and get over, so I could use my phone torch to find the charger and climb over again. I "scared the shit" out of a girl the second time I climbed out. She seemed to find it funny though.

v Likes wasabi.

^ noooo. can't stand it

< my eyes ache badly

v never leaves the room

^ Yeah.

< Kangaskhan coming here as well as increased Unown spawns. Niantic didn't forget Belfast! Also it didn't rain yesterday and barely rained today.

v I mean...I know what I mean?

^ Nope.

< Desperately needs more money. Too bad neither of my brothers have jobs and my mom's job has piss all for hours.

V Needs a vacation.

^ Going on one this week.

< Hikes for days brah!

V thinks this new fangled walking thing won't catch on.

^ Was walking on two feet before it was cool.

< Has two thumbs.

v Doesn't.

^ Witty response.

< Found out tabasco sauce tastes like something that's gone bad and it's all I wind up tasting if I put it in a burger. So I thought I'd go for a hot chilli sauce. Well, that would up thicker than I expected, tasted bad and made my mixed leaf lettuce cold and slimy. I ate it anyway because hungry and money.

v I just wanted to try things...

^never be afraid to try something.

<Except if it's on fire

V Has sat round a camp fire this year.

^ Nah. I'm hoping to go fishing by the end of the summer break though. That's sort of like camping, right?

< My dad always said he would take us fishing, but he's too ill now. At least I should be able to borrow some of his equipment.

v Saw some roadkill.

^ The amount of dead Kangaroos on the side of country roads is hilarious.

< Skippy the flat kangaroo.

V Scared of heights.

^ Yeah...

< Saw a dead fox placed on the footpath. Never even seen a live one before. It was brown and very small, maybe a cub...or rotting.

v Finds Kizuna Ai hypnotic.

^ Might if I had any idea what that was.

< Not looking it up either.

V Is secretly a bananamancer.


<Maybe hammock.

vNot a real fan of sunglasses.

^ It's illegal to hire bananamancers in my country.

< A guy asked me where the markets were today. I asked him which market he meant, suggesting the nearest market known to me. He couldn't tell me what he meant in a way that wasn't vague, so I'm going to just assume he thought I knew a dealer or two.

v Are you bozos cruisin for lung cancer r'what?

^ who you callin' bozo, bozo!

< Eclipse!

V investigating the phenomenon of why Two Steps From Hell videos produce so many "ordinary thing x heard this song and become awesome thing y" comments. example: my goldfish heard this song, now its a great white.

^ The comment section phenomenon I struggle most with is that whenever an ethnic minority says something stupid without fail that group of people that spew a bunch of horrible racist shit that really doesn't help anyone, especially not the rest of the comments.

< You know there's a lot of people in my city that walk up to strangers claiming they "need money for a train/bus ticket".

v I wonder why.

^ because public transportation is all the rage!

< eh, no its not.


Which would you say it would suck more to be: a worker in an RTS or a minion in a MOBA?

^ A worker gets to survive at least some of the time. The whole purpose of a minion is to draw fire and do chip damage...

< Trying to expand my self-made meal options. Stir fries, sammiches and burgers are 3 of my baby steps. I should get good with taters.

v How do you like your taters?

^ with cheese!

< ain't easy beein' cheesy!

V Sir! We're surrounded!
The Poor Bastards!

^ We've got plot armour on our side, like every major character in Thrones at the minute!

< Actually saw a live fox's silhouette scoot across the road one night. Beats a dead one!

v What does the Fawkes say?

^ Remember remember the 5th of November.

< To Glory!

V We're having a Protoss Party and you're invited!

Just keep in mind we've already had to ask one guy to leave. He confessed to being aroused by the Colossi. 0.0

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