the ^ < V game

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^ when not on fire yes.

< got rained out today.

V Granite Mountain Hotshots Last Alarm 06-30-13 We will never forget.

^ I don't keep track of sports.

< Still has three hours of work left.

V Do you enjoy working?

^ I do like my current job.

< given and denied.


Drake the Dragonheart:
V Granite Mountain Hotshots Last Alarm 06-30-13 We will never forget.

^ I don't keep track of sports.

That has nothing to do with sports. The Granite Mountain Hotshots were an elite wildland firefighting crew, 19 of whom gave their lives on 06-30-13 battling the Yarnell Hill fire threatening to destroy the nearby town.

^ Oh, well now I feel bad.

< Going to be playing D&D for the first time a bit later today.

V Quack.

^ a duck! ducks float. it must be a witch! a duck witch! duck lich witch!

< on the line

V time to get Ma Fury On Malfurion!

^More calm than fury.

< Quite happy

V Serotonin.

^ Dopamine

< *snores*

v Noodle

^ Dom do do do do do

< Feel good!

V Bass line

^ Baritone, actually...

< Too much cheese...

v S'mores...

^ More like S'more please!

< Made more sense in my head

V Best building for building on a burial ground

^ Never get planning permission...

< IKRPG, woot!

v Wants to get bitten by Cankerworm...

^ A what now?

< Doesn't have time to nor cares to look that up.

V Smells of the purest not-quite-evil.

^ I shower regularly, thank you...

< Tired...

v About to step on a cat's tail...

^ If my cat doesn't stop trying to walk under my feet, yes.

< Wants to go home.

V Quack.


< Duck Duck Duck

V Melbourne won't make the finals

^ They did, they just lost to Vienna...

< Channel north... (yay for literal translation)

v Concepcion

^ Inception

< My brain dreams!

V Absorbing lizards for power

^ Naw, eating white rats for mana...

< Bubble tea...

v Curry...

^ No.

< Doesn't like spicy food.

V Attack pottery on sight.

^ Only if it looks at me funny.

< Everything looks at me funny.

V All of these are the same.......length Damn it!

^ Or are they?

< At work.

V Not busy.

^ Yep...

< Empty wallet...

v Gimme moniez...?

^ No.

< Needs money for things like bills.

V Hates paying bills.

^ Indeed, very much so...

< Banks online by necessity...

v Always forgets their pin number...

^ Fortunately no.

< Work work work.

V I wanted to say something else here, but my phone/the Escapist is being complete shit.

^ Try again?

< Meh... just meh...

v Tired...

^ Very.

< Very, very tired.

V Quack.

^ Moo...

< Late breakfast...

v Early lunch...

^ Nope.

< Too many boxes.

V Bouncing.

^ not this guy!

< jamming out

V pro cook? :o

^ I can make an egg sandwich.

< I'll take my Iron chef title now.

V Honor on your house.

^ And shame to yours... 'cos... -_-

< Painting...

v Wants to give me 11 Lacerator armed madwomen... -_-

^ eh. . . sure. . . HAVE FUN WITH THAT!

< crazy runnin', running out of time

V Remain calm and rock on!

^ Rock yeah!

< Has to work today.

V Has off this week.

^ Nice!

< cat scratch fever!

V I got a hole in me pocket.

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