the ^ < V game

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^ Sweet party bro.

< Really wishes he wasn't super broke.

V Craves something meaty.

^ that would depend on what you mean by meaty.

< left myself wide open for that one, didn't I?

V You cannot defeat my. . .

Varian Parryin!

^ Yeah're dumb.

< You know I commented the other week about a strange number of people in my city asking for train/bus tickets? The same fucking guy tried the same thing, same location. I wasn't subtle in informing him of my disbelief.

v Maybe he should get a new car if his current one breaks down so much.

^ Probably.

< Has three vehicles with one thing or another wrong with them and not enough money to take care of even one of them.

V Where were you on the night of October 22, 2077?

^ Hopefully in the dirt.

< It's more complicated than "old people hate new things". Vapes are pretty new, but it's a new way to smoke so they get it.

v Thinks "Bow-Wow Puppy Love Story" needs a HD remake.

^ That sounds familiar, but I dare not look it up.

< Really wishes his check this week was better.

V Has a domain in an alternate universe.

^ what is the domain?

< disco? with myself? outrageous!

V everyone just horsing around!

who didn't see the Varian/Genji bit from a mile away? honestly didn't expect Illidan to jump in though


<My lovely horse

V Running through the fields.

^ why am I running is the question.

< so much I wish I could unsee with my own eyes!

V Time in this thread to go back to . . . POKE-PUNS!
1. The one no one ever picked ---> 2. Bloomin' onion ----> 3.Plantasaurus Rex!

^ Kung Foot and One Punch Man.

< Those new ultra beasts are craaaaaaazy.

v I'll have two chickens.

^ I'll raise you four apples.

< Wonders if anyone will get it.

V Throws things out of port holes.

^Now I wonder if they're called starboard holes.....


V Starboard hole?

^ Probably.

< Made a cube.

V Googled a fish once.

^ Well I must have gotten curious about my favourite shark at one point.

< Looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow. Although I'm sure that'll change once the assignments start rolling in.

v Not a morning person either.

^ I'm pretty good at mornings

< I think the trick is not drinking coffee.

V More of a tea fan.

^ Both are good. I don't habitually drink coffee or tea in the morning though.

< Don't you wish you could just- bam. Get to sleep, just like that and wake up exactly when you want to?

v Life has some pretty archaic game design.

^ I guess?

< Things should start looking up a bit for me. Not going to be great, but better than it was.

V Where's Sarah Connor?

^ Dead. Poisoned by her enemies.

< Beats being poisoned by your friends.

v Tbh.

^I do agree.

< Although some of them may be trying to poison my liver.

V Knows their way around the public transport system.

^ Not even a little.

< Would say that he proudly has his own car, but said car hasn't been working right for a while and was smoking yesterday, so I will be continuing to use my brother's car.

V Has a perfectly functioning vehicle.

^ I don't know how to drive.

< Got an EX raid pass. Nice. Mewtwo on Sunday, then.

v Couldn't help but push the button.


< 90s

V Where's your head at?

^ Sometimes I wonder that myself.

< Blerg.

V *Random screeching noises*

^ Yes that sounds like an adequate description.

< Popped into Carphone Warehouse in hopes of a good quality micro USB cable at a fair price, ?15 for a single one, Goji, 1m, nonbraided...nope.

v I hate real-life shopping.

^ I prefer it greatly over online shopping, but it can suck at times.

< Eating dinner.

V Pancakes.

B^ fuck I should get some pancake mix!

< Will be doing that.

V Been to a waffle house

^ I don't think specialised waffle places are really a thing here.

< I've only ever had those shitty frozen potato waffles.

v Can't beat a fresh potato.

^ No arguments here.

< Playing Fallout 4... without any mods.

V Doesn't do that.

^ I have a few QOL mods for FO4. I wish the automatron DLC didn't have invisible tankbots so I'd be motivated to play it.

< Not touching the creation club with a 10-foot pole.

v Is going to finally get around to something.

^ Just started taking guitar lessons, that's something.

< Self-taught for two years with JustinGuitar before finally getting a face-to-face teacher.

V Let's start a band.

^ I do play bass & mandolin.

< 4 strings are best

V Singing voice of an angle.

^ Close enough when my throat isn't sore.

< Popping cough drops like candy.

V Thought about stabbing a moose once.

^ I can honestly say no

< I am now though

V Everybody do the flop!

^ *interpretive dance illustrating the plot of Ghostbusters 2016*

< Has been playing the Witcher 2.

v *climbs over poorly voice acted child NPC*

^ Is a penguin

< Fights like a cow

V Clubs baby seals.

درخواست کتاب آمازون

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