the ^ < V game

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^ No, mine was a bit over a month ago.

< Had a very bad day of gaming.

V *screaming*

^ I'll have what he's having.

< I thought I was a tiny bit congested, but it's gotten worse and now I'm a sick boi.

v Yesterday.

^ There were so many things I thought I'd never see.

< ain't got time to reminisce on novelties.

V Strength comes standard!

^Shit I maxed out Constitution.

< Never sick

V Sailed one of the seas.

^ I've sailed to Scotland.

< Somebody stop me- I got rid of an old pound in a vending machine. They aren't legal tender, so I'm basically a wanted man now.

v Stuck it to the man, today.

^ Nah the man deserves a break.

< watched so much sport today

V Sports!

^ Last time I did that I ended up rolling on the concrete & with a sprained ankle.

< Strength & Constitution are always dump stats, ALWAYS.

v Should know the importance of having positive stats that actually get skills.

^ I should but comedy builds are my greatest love!

< TPK?

V natural 14

^ Nope.

< Will need to regularly wear pants soon. I do not like this.

V Eats buttery things.

^ I don't like butter.

< I keep trying sushi, the rice is the hurdle most of the time. I've never really liked any, the crab and avocado was okay, as was the surf clam.

v Has no face.

^ Last time I checked I had one.

< Has a busy week.

V Runs around things.

^ For the most part.

< Can't decide if he should Bus or Zelda

v Bus-bus-bussing on Heaven's Door?

^ If you can bus stuff can you also taxi things?

< Well, my great uncle who I only ever saw once died of cancer. I wonder if he was the same brother of my grandfather who sat on cats? Either way, it's still a shame my old mini fridge didn't make it to him before he passed.

v Well, that's whatever you're talkin' about for ya.

^ Sorry to hear

< Fuck cancer

v Bats?

^ BAT!

< Why is psychic good against poison?

v Are you the count?

^ Nope.

< Has nine hour shifts for the next week and zero days off. At least I'm going to get a fuck load of money for it.

V *obscene quacking*

^ Dirty duck at it again.

< Been bowled for a duck

v Cricket the gentleman game!

^ I had to post to make this thread load.

< I made a milkshake by putting ice cream, milk and chocolate in a blender. It's good to know I can do that.

v *squint* Who's that?

^It me!

< Ya Boi Dr.finallyregrettshisusername

v That day will never come.

^ I'll do my best to have this username wherever I can.

< Milkshakes are my new obsession. I tried chocolate with nuts in and the nutty taste was unmissable. I should try just nuts next time. EDIT: Do not do that.

v Why are we still here?

^ because we don't know where else we'd be?

< I'm on fire!

V please enjoy this presentation of a carbot christmas. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Holidays!

^ Stop including everyone or I'll throw a tantrum.

< I've lost taste for stupidly expensive virtual items, so I'm liquidating my TF2 inventory. Mostly. As long as it's not excessively fancy, it stays. After all, I still like cosmetics and stat trackers.

v Is being observed by unknown forces.

^ Yeah but they'll get bored eventually.

< Dull.

V Dill in a stew?

^ Tomatoes in everything...please no.

< I spent 90p on one of those tins of shitty "hot dogs". I regret it deeply for various reasons. Curiousity, eh?

v Windmills.

^Not if I have anything to say about it.

< Don Quixote away!

V Roll for initiative.

^ says 9.

< Over summer I had a morning where I did four things. I had a fry. I went on a walk. I had a cigarette. I got in a car. This led to me getting extremely nauseous and vomiting. I did the same four things and felt extremely nauseous again, but didn't vomit this time, thankfully. I think I've learned my lesson. I'll cut out the cigarette next time and see what happens.

v Also smokes occasionally.

^ never.

< time to fly

V you've likely heard of and are probably tired of Five Nights at Freddy's. But what until you've experienced the horror of. . . Five Nights at Braxis!


<Nothing to see here

V Carry on

^ Self-flagellation.

< Made poached eggs for the first time, they turned out 100% to my tastes. I'm really scared now.

v There goes the budget!

^ I need the finest toilet paper though

< Quad-ply or nothing!

V in for a penny

^ You have pennies? Lucky.

< Wishes that the Escapist wasn't dying.

V Also misses the old days of the Escapist.

^ I was there for them, but I don't think i knew them.

< Contacted support to refund my subscription for this year.

v I've edited this post twice now trying to get a V section that i don't think i've used before. Please help.

^ I can ban and I can drink beer.

< And I'm all out of.....Oh wait Found some.

V Had a can of Coke this week.

^ Nope.

< Eating food during an hour long break.

V Launches teddy bears into orbit.

^ If they steal my vanilla coke.

< Has free time again, I've been working for 10 days straight. I started out by finisheing off the main campaign of Shovel Knight.

v I liked it.

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