the ^ < V game

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^ Is out like a light
< Sleeps like a baby
V [insert euphamism for sound sleep]

^ Nope.

< Is awake now.

V Shall kill all mega gnomes.

^ Maybe.

< Meh.

V You think of something.

^ Maybe.

< Meh.

V You think of something.

^ Lazy copy neon cat is lazy.

< Not as lazy.

V Has/wants a piercing.

^ nope.
< super lazy.
V wants a leather couch

^ Meh.

< The master of not much.

V Thinks that they are a queen.

^ wants pub club membership

< has pub club membership

V is @Fijiman

^ Hello.

< Saying goodnight.

V Is an alien.

^ kinda
< eats toast a lot
V loves vegemite

^ Not at the moment.

< Is waiting for something to happen.

V Waits for nothing.

^ at the moment you are correct

< Is listening to music

V has over 40 gig of music

^ Not even one.(don't have an iPod/Mp3 player)

< Does still like his music.

V Can guess who one of my favorite music groups is.

^ Prediction is of a small, rarely known group
< Cannot think of a song where I won't get old of
V Has to think of something good to change the topic

^ I... Um... DAMN YOU!!!
< Eats your heart, craps out your soul!
V Is tired of my hamminess....ess

^ Your what?

< ?

V More questions?

^ nope.avi
< awsome level: 9001
V slightly less awsome than me

^ Maybe. Maybe.

< Will think of something.

V Has no idea.

^ is confused

< just used confusion

V is going to use flamethrower

^ Fear my homemade flamethrower!

< Listening to awesomeness.

V Wants to know what I'm listening to.

^ very true, what is it?
< just ate cake
V wants cake

^ Maybe a little.

< Wants YouTube to work properly for five minutes.

V Is having less trouble than I am.

^ yes

< wants to go out with friends

V is pre drunk

^ Nope.

< Is never drunk.

V Is usually drunk.

^ Drinks like a fish
< Eats like a fish
V Breathes like a fish

^ is a fish
< Eats fish
V swims like a fish

^ Nope.

< Is about to go do some chores and shit.

V wants to do my chores for me.

^ You wish.
< Has chores too, to do.
V Has an illegal immigrant doing the work for them.

^-Is the illegal immigrant
<-Legal immigrant to not the US.
v-In the US

^ Yes.

< Is tired.

V Is well rested.

^-not quite
<-never well rested

^ Not really.

< Should go to bed at a time that isn't after 1am more often.

V Has something to eat/drink/both within reach.

Captcha: don't tase me

^ yes

< is eating

V is also

^ Not at the moment but probably should.

< Is hungry.

V Desires loads of pudding.

^Is correct

< Is watching the countdown to Meet the Pyro right now.

V Is secretly plotting my assassination.

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