the ^ < V game

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^'s assassination is planned by Captcha (mine was: kick the can.)
< is an assassin (shhhhhhh!)
V is a templar

^ No.

< Is being killed by the wait for Meet the Pyro.(Damn it Valve, just release it already)

V Is also waiting for Meet the Pyro.

^ No.
< Is not a Valve fan.
V Is a Valve fanboy.

^ A little.

< *Input something here*

V Has a secret army of giant tank aliens.

^ Nope.
< Waiting for the Pyromania update to install.
V Breeds pickles for a living.

^ was JUST in that why would you beat up the above user thread.
< Doesn't know what that is
V Will harbour terrible regrets until the day they die.

^ Is glad to be Cancer Free
<'s star sign isn't even Cancer
V Has fanboy cancer.

^ What?

< Wants to go play Minecraft now.

V has played Minecraft.

^ Yes, only once.
< Was killed on the first day in Minecraft
V Hates Minecraft

^ Indeed I do.
< Is alright with that.
v Thinks that's terrible.

^Not really
<Has never played Mincraft
V Has eaten cake in the last 3 days

^Knows too much about me and cakes
<Is disappointed in this gen RPG-s
V Likes digimon more than pokemon EDIT:(Which is good :D)

^ Who the hell didn't think Digimon was awesome?

< Want to go to the Digital World.(a day here is like a few weeks there. Do you know how much crap could be done there?)

V Shall guess what one of my favorite Digimon is.

^ I don't even know the names of any Digimon, except for Calumon, because of Jack.

< Just got Diablo III a few days ago.

V Likes the idea of the RMAH.

^ No...
<Doesn`t own diablo III

V Won`t buy diablo III ever

^ Yup.
< Is procrastinating right now.
V Is also.

^Out of school right now. So I can't really procrastinate on anything. Except maybe signing up for next semester's classes.
< Is playing and enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles.
V Hasn't played the game.

^ I don't think I even heard of it.

< Is annoyed by storms when they knock out the power.

V Hates mimes.

^ Isn't 100% correct with the mimes assumption

< watches too much anime over the summer

V doesn't watch anime!

^ Not lately. Although I love Fullmetal Alchemist

< Drinking Coke

V Doing Barrel rolls.

^ Not today.

< Can't think of anything.

V Wants a prize.


<Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph!

V Mmph mmph mmph! :D

^ Well played

< understands mumbling

V has no idea what person above me said

^ Said something related to Pyro from TF2, I guess (I mean just look at that avatar)!
< Wonders why Johnny Bravo is on the background...
V "Hey Foxy Mama, You smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me? Hoohah!"

^ ... Are you high or are you singing along with a song?

< Wishes he could get TF2 for the PC.(I don't even trust my computers to play Minecraft)

V Will know who wears the beard of destiny in due time.

^ Nope. Don't even know what you're talking about.

< Watching Lloyd in Space

V Has never heard of the show.

^ Correct
< Has run out of good shows to watch
V Will explain this 'Lloyd in Space' show to me.

^ Don't look at me. I don't almost anything about the show myself.

< took a long time to actually type this comment.

V Didn't take nearly as long to type their comment.

^ Indeed, I am a fast typist.
< Is quick with the keyboard
V Isn't so quick.

^ Kinda true.

< Is waiting for a delivery from Amazon to arrive.

V Has ordered something from Amazon or something like it.

^ Nope.

< Doesn't have money to do such things anyway.

V Doesn't want to give me $50.

^ Is a magnificent bastard
< Has read his BOOK!
V Hasn't seen MacArthur

^ Sounds familiar, but I don't really recognize the name.

< Want to be able to get more stuff done in a day.

V Wants to sit down and do nothing. Forever.

^ Not really. I would really like to get a job and get out of the house more often.

< Is annoyed by his parents

V Is royalty

^ I kinda wish. All that money, yummm.
< Hasn't been in this forum for about a year D:
V Wants to try chocolate bacon.

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