the ^ < V game

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^- Would like that
< - thinks it sounds disgusting
v- would agree

^ Not really.

< Thinks it sounds interesting.

V Has attacked someone within the last 24 hours.

^ Is correct
< Will kill someone via increasingly comical means every 24 hours until his demands are met
V Will be killed wih fruit pie sometime in the next 24 hours

^ Dodges fruit pie
< thinking about the lethality of pie based weapons
V Has a new found phobia of pies

^ Curses, I have been cursed with Pastrophobia by the Pie of Phobias
< Is quite fearful of @MortifiedPenguin 's dastardly evilness.
V Has read the King in Yellow and has survived.

^ Wrong. I haven't ever heard of that.
< Stole forty cakes from the bakery this morning. I stole 40 cakes. That's as many as four tens.
V Thinks that's terrible.

^ EGADS! 40 cakes!? This dastardly villain must be stopped!
V My young, ambiguously gay ward

^ No, I'm the janitor. Your ward is in his room.

< Hates cleaning the Bobmobile.

V Is actually willofbob's ward.

^ I am my own master!
< Is also his own grandfather!
V Built the damn time-machine

^ I'm WORKING ON IT! This is very complicated work you know.

< Eating pancakes.

V Is not doing the same.

^ True, pancakes are tasty, but bacon sandwiches win every time.
< Is fond of bacon
V Will now eat the crappy fake-meat bacon that is made for vegetarians.

^ Like hell I will. Real bacon on nothing.

< Loves bacon.

V Loves the idea of bacon.

^Damn straight I like the idea of bacon. Damnit, now you've reminded me.
If <'s brother didn't get that bacon in the fridge for a recipe...well. OMNOMS.
V is jealous of my possible access to delicious bacony goodness.

^Not really.
< Eats Capn Crunch for dinner.
V Thinks I'm weird for doing that.

^ Why would I, I have it too! (Though tastes good without milk to my standards)
< Thinks Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted tastes nasty.
V Do you?

^ Never had it before so I wouldn't know.

< Does like Honey-nut Cheerios.

V Watches G1 Transformers.

^ Never watched it.

< Has recently watched NC's review of Digimon: the movie.

V Is also sad about the whole thing between Tai and Sora. :(

^ Who?

< When?

V Where?


<Is watching Shaun of the Dead

V doesn't care

^How did you guess?
<Has too many badges, half of which are from quizzes
V Is a crazy girl with an okay taste for music.

^ Do I really have to prove that I'm a man?

< Is tired.

V Knows the secret of the perfect ham.

^ Nope.

< Has two chihuahuas

V Was a canary in a past life

^ Quite Possibly. We'd never know now will we?

< Realized that Amnesia is a fucking scary game

V Likes Chupacabras

^ Likes saying "chupacabra"
< Just got Sarge'd
V Watches RvB

^ I am actually quite behind at the moment, but yes.(damn my laziness)

< Prefers saying chupathingy.

V Doesn't have a clue what is happening right now in Norway.

^ What is this "Norway" you speak of?
< Lives widdershins of Klatchistan, on the edge of the circle sea
V Has no idea what I'm talking about

^ Widdershins? What is this nonsense?
< Actually I know that that was a reference to Discworld.
V Doesn't know what turnwise is, either.

^ Nope
< Eeyup
V Maybe?

<Is bored
V Is too

< Blah.
V Wants to be a firefighter.

^Nope not really, sounds dangerous
<Is a fantastic cook
V Is not so fantastic

^ Which is why you're my cooking slave irl >.>
< Enjoys homemade food
V Doesn't have a slave to cook for them.

^ Stop reminding me damn it.

< Hates when his brain fails him.

V Hates it when the same happens to them.

^ Don't we all?
< Hates regenerating health.
V Hates a 2 weapon limit.

^ Depends really. If it makes sense and is relatively bearable to live with

< Thinks Terraria is pretty awesome

V Does not know what cabbage means

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