give a present to the above avatar

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so what present to you give the above avatar

I give you a bigger avatar size.

I give you and iPod so at least you can listen to music while you drive.

I give you a sleepless night induced bump.

I give you a reason to exist.

I give you a get well present.

I give you the worst BEST sword in the universe...


The ability to not be surprised by the the shiny e above him :P

I give you the gift of a good nights sleep.

I give you the gift of a taller hat, which is polychromatic this time :D

I give you a pack of cigarettes to hide up your arse where the Colonel won't find it until you're already on the mission.

Got a light too???

I give you a carrot to go with the bunny ears :P

i give thee. canadian homemade buckcake.

I'd give that avatar the ability to appear in good movies, and a few acting lessons :)

This game has been done before.... >.<

Oh, don't mind me. I'll just pretend to be old and all knowing over here. I give you wisdom.

A nose hair trimmer.

A thigh jiggle reducer.

Dead Or Alive 3DS.

Unlimited Turbo Super Ultimate Street Fighter vs Capcom X Tekken DLC the game for the Sega Nomad.

I would give you EA, I'm sure you could improve it greatly... :P

Closure for Mass Effect 3.

I would give you a longer arm, so you could reach the frame :)

I would give you a new bad-ass gun.

I would give you a folded collar for your shirt

A folded chair so you can hit the guy above you with. :)

Captcha: "brush your teeth"

I'll give you a toothbrush for your missions too.

I give you toothpaste then. :)

I give you a new bandana. It gives you unlimited ammo. :)

A bigger hood/cloak, because everyone deserves a bigger hood/cloak.

Dancing lessons, because they are needed :P

A genuine Pinkie Pie party.

an autographed photo of carrottop

An awesome moustache, instead of the merely decent one he currently has. :)

A gold-plated Walther PPK.

*Teleports in* Ahh heres a pair of nice Aviators. To protect those lovely eyes of yours. Ciao.

A cane with a glowing ball on the end.

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