give a present to the above avatar

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A giant ball made of crystals

A giant vein of Amethyst!

Here's unbreakable metal. Use for a shield and sword, friend.

A major award!

Some more anti-depressant medication

A ticket to Olympus Has Fallen.

A vat of chemicals!

Thank you genetic mutations are my favourite way to spend a weekend.

I give you an empty can of beans.

Want a music player? Good for dancing to.

I give you a box of colored pencils, so you can be colored in something other than shades of black, grey, and white.

A potato. :D

A metallic helmet.

A magic wand. Go cause mischief!

A slightly bigger potato.

I give you an actual face, so that everyone can see you in all of your glory!

A way to not be pulled by an offscreen arm.

A dress made out of pancakes.

A mask made of rotting flesh.


A keyboard that never lets you have typos.

Cheese from the moon.

The Monolith from 2001.

A used bike.

Stephen King's IT.

A very big, very heavy, blank book.

Some itching powder.

A shiny new knife.

I give you the gift of more coffee to keep up that jittering.

Some boxing gloves!



Sugar. :-D




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