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A trip on the new space plane

+1 willpower

Coffee flavoured truffles in a Thick chocolate sponge

Xenia porn.

A trench coat with a Ushanka and Valenki

A little porcelain cow.

A silver cow creamer

More mashed potato than one knows what to do with

Bacon sandwiches

An APC full of presents.

Nordic Sponge cake

Whistling ducks.

A date with a Yandere


Forks, since they were out of forks.

Scrumpy Jack

A scale model of the bowling ball machine in the science museum.

An interesting executive toy

Some pretty good brioche.

Curry dogs

3 onion onion bhajis

Various looted portraits.

Fine pork cutlets

The best table at Le Gavroche Restaurant.

Goblin Dave's best Goblin ordnance.

A detailed codex on Giant culture, such as cauldron brewing and alchemy

A cure for the whole giantess fetish thing.

A fine collection of German rubber porn

Duck rissoles.

The complete works of Buster Keaton

A Tom Hanks action figure.

A Gatling gun with attachments

Laser sights on everything. Rave away, marine.

Daily bonuses

Extra pride.

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