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The biggest fry-up available

A good afternoon in the pub

A gay old time at the fair.

A kiss from Richard Gere

A national flag.

Persian magic carpet

Lots of surplus Dandy Snuff posters.

A trench to hide in.

A subscription to the Chap Magazine

Several fresh mags.

Winter Warfare gear

A Monocle

Weenus and tiddies.

A blueberry muffin.

A good spin-off


Indiana Jones jacket & hat

Amos Moses's peg leg.

Chocolate biscuits


An espresso coffee in the Bardini gardens

Plus size Fruit Gums

Trembling subjects.

A visit from the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells

A silver hammer to the head.

A collection of Beatles Albums

A sculpture made from melted Beatles albums.

Sausage Rolls

A Rolls-Royce.

A nice bronze shield from the Mayan period

Good blood supply to the brain

A fish hat.

A shield of ebony.

Delicious burgers

Tasty juice.

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