give a present to the above avatar

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Skulls of an ancient lifeform

Extra lives.

A mini-tank

+5 full plate

Medium Armour sets

A dreugh shield, cuirass and helm.

Dragon Weapons

A crate of Stens.

Sour Skittles in big drums

A koala backpack pet.

Crystal Halberds

Glass arms and armour.

a date with Emily Deschanel.

Well-scripted set pieces

A scouter with a five-digit power level display.

A bucket of soapy water with which to dunk their hair into to be used as a mop

Anti-magnetic paint.

Grav-boots for traversing non-horizontal surfaces

A plasma staff.

Counseling for PTSD.

A PTRS-41.

An Ocelot Unit uniform

The respect and love of a thousand and one Dark Seducers

Oh no! That was meant for Barbas!

Have some delicious creamcake instead UltraDeth

Shoe polish.

Get it?

A Tanith camouflage cape.

Tuna Risotto

Extra-sharp incisors.

The Julie Andrews Album of Rugby Songs.

Three jade Buddhas.

1 crate of Stinger launchers, 3 crates of AKS-74s and helicopter support

A man-sized empty cardboard box, that comes in its own man-sized (otherwise-)empty cardboard box.

The silver key to open wide the gate

Spanish omelette

Mexican chicken sandwiches.

A wand of thread locking

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