give a present to the above avatar

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Something to help the site load faster.

A gun that shoots bees.

Macaroni and cheese.

A free gift from the R&D department

A triple-barrelled heavy bolter.

Solid gold sky palace and a few crates of heaven confectionary

A long pointy nemesis halberd

Beasties for protectin' 'em and defendin' 'em.

A great big bowl of lime Jelly

Something they can't live without.

Exactly seventy-four 9mm hollow-point bullets.

A nice white Admiral suit and a red velvet cape

Origami snails.

22 wild strawberries on a straw.

A banana split.

Seven pounds of ammunition.

A photograph of Justin Bieber getting punched in the face.

A supply drop containing: C4, First aid, Thompson sub-machine gun, SIG Sauer GSR, Dart gun and some good books

A sawn-off bazooka.

Boiled Eggs in Yellow Rice

Funky geodes.

A bag of glitter designed to explode everywhere no matter how carefully you open it.

Chives, a loyal British butler.

A great big kebab

Eighteen ducklings and a balloon.

A copy of Undertale (AKA GOTY 2015) on Steam.

Unclaimed items of a valuable nature.

Grilled Veal

A back story filled with lasers and explosions.

A temporary speed boost.

A map of the hidden supply caches

Cheesy goodness.

Ninety-nine red balloons.

A plunger.

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