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Threads of purest fly.

His mother's ashes

An Artic Roll covered in Smarties

His first kiss

His third skeletonjob.

A dance with Dread Pirate Roberts

Chicken and Rice

One thousand reasons to take up swimming again

BroTeam videos.

The testicles of Satan

Spam sandwiches.

A whisper in their ear, revealing their true name.


Heavy Armour with capacious pockets

A novelty pepper shaker in the form of a Genesplicer

Smoke grenades.

A survival course in Dream-realm

Some slimy chungus of justice.

A genuine-quality Iron Man pinball machine.

A marble maze.

Loco Moco for starters and Pineapple Sponge for Dessert

diamond studded swimming pool.

Racing stripes.

Your very own Mosin Nagant.

A Maxim MG!

A Tommy gun; solves 600 problems per minute.

A bazooka.

A bowie knife, A USP .45 with suppressor, Colt M4 with 50-round magazine, flashlight and laser-sight and 3 grenades.

Unbelievable bargains.

Extra helpings of Stew

The laughter of Tom Hanks as a ringtone.

a crack team of penguin commandos.

Noodles in Oyster sauce

Sponge cake.

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