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Custom Boba Fetts.

Mandolarian battle armor.

A tower shield.

I give you a season pass for PLANET EARTH simulator.

A sonnenrad tank decal.

More tanks.

An incredible wrestling PPV

An MVP medal.

A Bazooka

Cheddar cheese headphones.

Some DDR4.

chinese fireworks.

Various Asian curries.


A subscription to PC Gamer.

Gods of Egypt blu-ray.

A BT tank and crew.

Lots of TORGUE weapons. Made with extra explosions.

A slice of the pie.

Tentacle Porn

Eldritch abominations - now with half the calories.

A new tweed jacket.

A flying cap and goggles.

A new hat.

A veteran's rifle.

Information on the first dragon in existence

A bombe.

A rare Greatsword

A free trip to Brugge.

A life size toy moose.

Gameplay and art.

A custom desert eagle with integrated suppressor, reinforced slide and 25-round clip

A bag of midget gems.

An LARP session with good actors

More lasagne.

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