give a present to the above avatar

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A bag of midget gems.

An LARP session with good actors

More lasagne.

Robot mercenaries

A horde of goblins.

The gift from post 3021.

An avatar rotation.

Some breath mints that are actually LSD tabs.

A DVD copy of Troll 2.

A complete collection of Archer... on VHS.

A mound of black plastic goo on a plate.

This ring:


This optimized and over-clocked rabbit:


5 extra skill points.

+1 to all crew skill levels.

Five pizzas.

A marble long bow



A buttery biscuit base.

A knife and fork to go with their vegetables.

A pet newt

The world's worst house plant.


A purple crayon.

A gay old time at the fair.

The remote control of a laser satellite... that only works as a little pointer and doesn't actually burn anything.

A team of cyborg commandos.

A graphics upgrade

A gun that shoots bees. [And I mean it uses bees as ammunition, not that it's only to be used against bees.]

An infinite source of grain.

a pet mimic.

flavored keyboards.

99 red balloons (the objects, not the single.)

A single red balloon with an angry face scribbled on it.

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