give a present to the above avatar

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a giant caterpillar.

Eleven days of rain, followed by cloudy weather.

J.J. Abrams' Mystery Box, and inside is...a Riddler Trophy!

A box of boosters.

giant mutant gerbil steed!

Immunity to Itchy Scrot.

Barbas with your nose so tight, won't you guide my War Rig tonight?

A spaghetti.

Major Boobage.

bio-engineered acid breathing assault turtles.

Corporal Punishment.

an ancient thermos and a moldy lunchbox

A blouse that automatically makes you look more attractive to the members of the opposite sex.

A new keyboard and mouse.

A cassette player for his Prius.

A box of postmice.

Another ten rounds of Survival.

Orange-level weapons.

orange colored weapons.

A veteran's helm and pauldrons.

A shredded cheese.

A lifetime supply of sauce packets.

a full suit of dragonplate armor.

A saddle so I can ride him into battle.

For you, only the most bad-ass anti-rape tool will do: toothy metal panties.

Three potatoes.

the greatest gift of all:

the wisdom of Master Oogway.

What a small world we live in, my gift for you is Oogway's fingers 1 day at a time!

I give you the gift of human compassion.
It's a shit gift.

Something that is incredibly cursed.

An extra day off.

A coaster for your teacup which doubles as a sub-woofer to blare loud music.


Mt. Fiji -as in, the whole Japanese mountain. Now your name makes sense!

The knowledge you needed to make that app you always wanted to make.

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