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Underwear for your opposite gender, and it's the wrong size for anyone you know.

Mt. Fiji -as in, the whole Japanese mountain. Now your name makes sense!

Actually, that's Mt. Fuji. Fiji is a country comprised of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The thought is appreciated though.

OT: The legendary Potatosaurus Rex!

Since I want to do things correctly, you're now the top political leader of Fiji.

An excessively excess amount of kittens.

a basket of puppies!

Hat-mounted confetti riffles.

A 3D compass so that you literally know what's up.

a 12-pack of Nuka Cola.

A Nuka Cola Quantum.

A milk gallon's worth of bottle-caps.

that ridiculous 5-guns-in-one weapon from The Fifth Element.

That ridiculous 5-guns-in-1 weapon from The Simpsons.

A potato named Bob.

A bobby-pin named after whichever Valve character is your favorite.

Gordon Freeman.

Inspiration to contribute to the 914 Game.

A new set of legos

a gold plated toaster.

A sword that slays dragons

a sword that slays anime characters.

A really big gun.

several big guns.

A free pass to Old Sydney town. (Now closed)

a one day free pass to an amusement/theme park of their choosing.

The Magical Stick of Infinite Potatoes.

a patch of land in Las Vegas

tickets to see Two Steps From Hell Live! (I am so envious!)

i give you an apple.

A non generic avatar

a living avatar!

A suit made of Monopoly money.

The monopoly guy as your personal butler.


Copic markers

A cute teddy bear.

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