give a present to the above avatar

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A cane to go with the top hat :) (and an arm to hold it)

a living scarf that sucks his blood.

A sweatshirt that eats his body heat.

A hat that raises mental capacity, but absorbs any useful knowledge.

A nice speech bubble to surround him :P

viagra...made for anthromorphic cats.

A vat of glowing non toxic by-product of some sort.

A nice manga version of his avatar.

@Shaun: I'd pay to see that.

OT: An less suprising E.

Some hair, so he wouldn't have to wear that ridiculous hat to hide his bald spot :P

A hedgehog.

A new brother: Megaman.

Now you two play nice now. :)

A HELL, Bwhahaha...

Fine a journey to get me some shopping.

A new tie, preferably not a red one this time :P

I give you a Metal Gear?

I GIVE YOU LIFE!!!! and a starveling cat inna box.

I give you three cheese flavoured oreos

I got you... a fist! *PUNCH*
And the great thing about a fist is that you can use it over *PUNCH* and over *PUNCH* and over*PUNCH*!

Chocolate Pretzels!!!

of doom. :D


But only black and white ones.

@Paya Chin: Thanks, that's all i ever dreamed of.

2 nukes. but they're only go for nuking US of A and Best Korea. at the same time.

A dragon egg.
Don't worry, it won't hatch or anything.

A warmer heart judging by your badges.

So here. *gives warmer heart that is still bleeding*

I give you an ice pick so you can break frozen hearts.

An Obsidian Power Sword. Enjoy.

Something decent to wear.

A straw summer hat.

A crossbow that shoots shurikens and lightning!!!

A plasma rifle.

some bleach to remove bloodstains.

Some friendly tentacles

Some unfriendly pincers.

A voucher for a spray tan.

Some green eggs and ham.

Some blue waffles.

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