give a present to the above avatar

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The worlds most expensive pizza.

A lovely bunch of coconut.

A whetstone.

A bright pink jacket.

a sword that SINGS!!!! (only themesongs to sitcoms)

A double barrel sawnoff shotgun.

a truckload of pennies.

(captcha: filthy rich)

A candle.

A mop and detergent, to clean all that blood up.

(I like the blood, thanks)

A new jumpsuit.

waxwork replica of his neigbour's dog's head.

A coupon for a hair cut.

A new afro. :P

An ice cream.

A music box that exclusively plays that song from Silent Hill.

A pair of pussy ears.

A light so she doesn't have to sit in the dark :)

Night-vision goggles, so he can sit in the dark!

A new mask

A new mask

Well this one is a couple of years old now.
OT: A periscope, so it can see over that damn hand!

a friday the 13th figurine with a troll mask on it.

Bees. I give you bees.

More ammo to shoot all the undesirables.

A television and a Netflix subscription.

We must get you watching movies!

I give you a cult classic movie to review.

I give you the ability to reach that stupid tree up ahead :)

Justin Biebers discography and movie signed by Will Farrel

A nice sugar lump, cause apparently hoses like them :P


A Cheshire Cat plush toy.

A glass of water

Got you some socks. You like socks, right?

oh this thread didn't die yet...

i give you a super awesome epic... BB-gun... that shoots rainbowS. INSTANT FRIENDSHIP FATALITY!!!

I give you an elastic band, to tie back your hair when you fight :P

A bucket of fried mecha.

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