give a present to the above avatar

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A giant pencil sharpener :)

a giant barbed shuttlecock.

A Yukari Sendo body pillow...bwhahaha...I want it now.

a great library of shonen-ai light novels.

I would give him a face that didn't reflect light so much :)

i give... a techni-coloured (PAL version) dream coat.

A VHS copy of Face Off.

A Starman

I'd put him on a barn, because he looks like a good wind vane :P

A mirror so you can see horror...yourself, Bwhahaha!

I kid, I kid...a even bigger mirror.

I give him a blue tie. I think it will go better with that outfit :)

A Cardboard Box Tank :D

A less tattered cape :)

a laser shades XD

A camera that isn't tilted :P

socks, snake, vaseline.

A comb for his moustache

A glass wall between the two of them...

A bionic eye.

I give you a wife-arm to go with your eye.

A never-ending beer!

A less crazy horse!

A new hat!

It talks and tells you what house you belong to!

A stolen magical item!
Because you did the same!

A sack full of candy!

Sauce for use with tacos!

He gets to choose the next Taco avatar!

A burrito!

A cat! for your lap!

A shinier pair of sunglasses!

A fancy hat.

A bandaid.

A lap dance

The gift of immortality.

The gift of Bacon Hashbrowns.

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