give a present to the above avatar

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A perch to land on.

A list of guaranteed rights!

Skull shaped candy.

Dinner and a CD.

A copy of the Decleration of Independence!

Chocolate that doesn't taste like absolute shit (American chocolate is horrible, because of all the fucking corn syrup)

More fish!

An entire planet to compose even bigger battles on.



A British flag and a Yorkshire pudding to boot.


From all the cheeseburgers and soda...

OT -

Bitch! You can't just be giving diabetes to just anybody!
We shall take this to the "Slap the person about you thread"
I will have my white glove ready!

A retaliation!

A pipe bomb of love <3


Sugar cookies!

A cookie in the shape of a Merican flag!

A can opener!

An education! ZING!

A new blade (Those ones have to be dull by now)

A mannequin

A sponge to clean that blood off of yourself with.

Face polish. Do with it what you will.


Lots of cattle!
I bet you wish you hadn't given that money away now as cattle ain't cheap, boy.

A lasso.

A bomb.



People to eat


An acceptance letter to Hogwarts

A ticket to ride on the boat!

A tummy rub for being there when I need him!

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