give a present to the above avatar

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A new taco shell, made out of Doritos!

A fancy pair of shoes * 2

A t-shirt and a baseball cap.

Something to laugh about.

A human carcass.


Wear it with pride.

A new hat.

A sexy spellbook!


Cotton cat ears.

A torch.

A basketball signed by the Harlem Globtrotters!

A lady taco friend ;o

More cats to murder cuddle

More nukes to murder murder.

this place would be complete with more nukes

An AC-130.
capha: no stinking badges

Two pints of milk and a freshly baked batch of scones.

Some jam to go with those scones you just gave away.

John Marstons hat!

A flashlight!

Never go to Limbo without one!

A fleshlight!

Always go to a Limbo without one...

A flashlight!

Because you'll be going to Limbo without one...

A fly swatter to kill the spider!

You love tacos, yes? Have a hotdog lol.

You look like a bunny, so...


A hairbrush.

The entire continent of France.

The entire continent of France.

Thanks! I can have holidays in nice looking parts of the world.

Whatever he wants.

I want the entire continent of France.


The wild west!

A Waffle

A troll thread.

An "Audience-Applause" sign!

Now he can make everyone clap for him!

I think I'm going to give him a burrito. I'm pretty sure that's the mexican food he's implying he likes with his avatar.

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