give a present to the above avatar

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Gives you a ladder

Rifle and a Pony.

A cool wise cracking flight partner!

A kitten. You know what to do.

A hot car

It's on FIRE!

A horse.

A breath mint.

A donkey!

An Ass!

A perfectly benign hamster... or is it?

The gift of heart!

A diamond ring.

@TizzytheTormentor: What heart is this? Is it that of an animal, a human, a chocolate heart, perhaps a still beating heart, or that silly Captain Planet power?

A cow.

A target

A giant house with which to plan diabolical raids on farmers

@Eclipse: Captain Planet!

OT: Clifford the Big Red Dog! (he pisses everywhere, so take him)

A yarn ball.

A target!

A pet mouse, that will never die.
(Cats enjoy the chase and torturer of the creature more than the kill)

A bib.

A planet ripe for invading

It's called Uranus, have fun!

A silencer! Take out the owner of Burrito Bell with silence!

The VSS vintorez. Silent AND awesome.

Dammit... I want a VSS...

Here have some nails and this hammer.

A pet ninja.

Pop rocks!

Hairball remedy.

A fire extinguisher.

A flame thrower.

A golden chalice.

The holy comes with one King Arthur.

An umbrella.

A trench coat.

Hair gloss!

Dramatic music.

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