give a present to the above avatar

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The master sword.

Another Dragon

a carrot c:

A "welcome to the escapist" package fill with nothing but cucumbers cut into snowflakes.

Hair gloss!

Hair gloss!

Eclipse Dragon:
Hair gloss!

Think of your own gift!

OT: Herbal Shampoo!

A tin of tuna.

A knife!

Embalming fluids.

A new ribbon!

The world.

A fire extinguisher

Another hat

Red hair dye!


An open-topped sandwich

A razor.

A cheesy sweater.

Snow Gloves

A staff of +5 stamina

A +69 Staff of Penetration. In case of impromptu threesome.

A Soul Robber.
Seems you need another one.

I give you the gift of no lag in your next recording.

Have another beer, on the house!

I'll buy you dinner.


Maybe with sprinkles, if I'm feeling generous.

The heads of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades

It'll be a good pagan-free Christmas!

A nice suit.

He's bound to end up in court on manslaughter charges if he's beheading gods...

Mozzarella sticks...

A PS Vita.

Oh wait...

A heart-shaped snowflake!

A persona game set entirely at night!

All my love for your gift to me...

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