Recent studies

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Studies show apples are in fact, fruit.

Studies show that airplanes do indeed, fly with physics.

Studies show that bees are crazy little things.

Studies have shown that yogurt is a by-product of milk...

Studies show that humans are indeed cranky after being woken up.

But only to hide their true sexuality. :3

Recent studies have shown that ghosts are not alive.

Recent studies reveal that carrots are unnaturally orange.

Studies show that guns shoot bullets.

Studies declare that America is not, the number one nation in the world.

Recent studies indicate that Neronium is a derp...

Recent studies suggest that he's handsome but refuses to acknowledge that fact. :O

Recent studies have shown that humans are an inferior species to that of lolcats.

Recent studies show that stepping on LEGOS with bare feet hurts like crazy.

Studies show that dying may be linked with death!

Studies show that lying can make you feel bad.

Recent studies show that BEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Studies show that electricity is electrical!

Studies show that energy drinks are infact, load of toss pot.

Studies indicate that a duck can fly as well as swim on water.

Very very recent studies have proven that the God particle is actually just alcohol.

Extremely recent studies shows that Dark matter is really just matter without the positive energy.

Studies show that snow is cold.

Recent studies show that water is in fact, liquid. o3o

Studies show that breaking your bones is in fact, painful!

Studies show that you can never have enough chocolate.

Studies show that FOR SCIENCE is the best reason

Studies show that kids are stupid.

Recent studies show that more than 1 in 5 Escapist users have a vindictive nature against children.

Recent studies indicate that YouTube Copyright Claims can be annoying.

Recent studies suggest several things about YouTube. None of them very kind. :D

Recent studies show that the liver is a part of the human anatomy.

Some studies have found that Jazz music can cause in some cases a small electrical discharge which some people believe is the reason for the exploding of the Hindenburg.

Recent studies show that 100% of people who drink water, DIE.

Recent studies have show that breakfast is the most lethal meal of the day when fired from a cannon.

Recent studies show that dumping a bucket of water on a cat is not a good idea.

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