First World Problems

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The game is simple. You just post a problem that mainly affects people from first world countries.

According to Urban Dictionary, a First World Problem is "A problem from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at."

This is a game, so naturally we're not to get serious about these problems. No srs business.

So I'll begin!

I ran out of Easy Cheese...

my ipod battery is flat

Before going to sleep I want to listen to some music in my bed with headphones. But I can't lie on my side.

my lap top monitor is to bright and I have to press the 'fn' key and the down arrow to get it to go dim.

This disk cleanup/virus scan/defrag is going to take all day.

I'll list a few things that happened to me today.

1. A bird decided to defecate on my nice clean car.

2. My iPod battery ran out in the car.

3. I'm annoyed I can't go out for a drink tonight because I need spending money for a holiday.

I'm extremely lucky this is the kind of things I have to worry about.

School is over, and now I have nothing to do.

I'm running out of shelf space for all my 40K books so I might have to re-arrange everything to make another shelf! D:

I have to study for exams, but I fall asleep while I study...

my hard drive is getting filled with games and music

I had to bring stuff off the deck so the painters could re-paint there.

I need to buy 2 more SATA cables to hook up my extra hard drives.

I already put the cereal in the bowl, only to find out that there is no milk.

I only have toast and eggs for lunch

I want to study, but being on the escapist is so much more fun!

I agree with you, my internet connection is too slow my liking

Its summer and I have literally fuck all to do...and I don't want to work.

I want to watch a video, but I don't want to pause the song I'm listening to midway.

I need to wait for my DSi to come in the post

I'm trying to beat the last boss of Devil Survivor 2, but the cunt has three annoying forms and kicks my ass after It announces that if my main character dies, I lose...

These ribs I'm eating are way too spicy, but are so delicious that I keep eating anyway.

This water bottle is warm. Time to throw this one out and get a new one.

This Ben & Jerry's ice cream is too rich :'(

What restaurant should I order my lunch from today? Can't deciiiiide.....

I did not have enough time today to play Bastion

I want to buy new games...but I'm saving my money for an anime convention...

I had to wait half an hour for my bus!

I'm hungry, but I will be going out later to eat!

this websites was lagging before

I want to get up early, but I don't want to sleep.

I can't beat this game I got so I'm getting angry and will play another one.

I want to exploit the Ogma Infinium glitch..but I would feel cheap...

Man, I hate that my friend has a 1 TB hard drive and I only have a 500 GB one.

I'm hungry, but all the food available takes effort to make.

I want to eat more Meanies (snack) but I have got two bags and I don;t want to eat them too fast or my family will think I am a savage (only 80calories a bag people)

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