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This has very simple rules: You respond to the person who posted previously like you're having a conversation with them, but you have to type in song titles. I would request that you link some proof that it is, in fact, a song title as well.

Get the party started!

Let us party as if we are young and stupid.
This should be interesting, but damn if it isn't hard to think of a song title to use in normal conversation.

Keep it simple and clean.
Nonsense! :D If you've ever watched "Whose Line is it Anyway?", or look it up on youtube or something, that's a bit like what I'm going for here.

No, it shall be heard around the world.
Well it can be hard for me.

I know that we like to party, but what about you?

Sounds like it's time to dance.

It's a Mad World...<.<

And I wish you were here.

Damnit... I'm literally listening to that song this exact second...<.<

OT: But I know You're Out There...<.<

this situation needs a joke. Stop me if you have heard this one before

Don't stop. The show must go on!

>.> Yeah, I used two.

All I did was type in "It's Ok".

I didn't know this song existed.

We won't let it go, even if it takes us a while to post again.

Hey (Fiji)man, nice shot.

I almost went for "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Don't think that we don't give a damn about this thread.


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