Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Neiher. I like to live dangerously.

Tifa or Aeris?

Aeris (I never like Tifa, even with her gravity defying boobs)

Ship or Canon?


Is Red vs. Blue going to have another season?


Is Copper Zen going to trip on something in the dark?

He's like the moth man from Silence of the Lambs--but without the "put the fucking lotion in the basket!"

Who rocks?

Sycorax rock!

Did you get the reference? =D


How late do you usually stay up?

As late as I can, every night.

Will there be a massive natural disaster that will kill millions of people during 2013?

Well they'll think it's natural anyway >_>

What's the appeal of partying?

Living the true meaning of WHOOOO!
The LRR Johnny sketchs do a better job describing it.

What is the last game you played?

A hidden objects game named Haunted Halls: Green Hill Sanitarium.

Will you achieve a Major Milestone in your life this year?

I certainly have planned for it and I'm afraid failure is not an option.

Why is it so hard to stop watching Dr. Who?
Seriously the day's already over and that's all I did.

Because the giant inter dimensional octopus that's beaming commands into your brain through subliminal messages in obscure punk rock vinyls produces between December 1976 and June 1984 is telling you to keep watching...

How Do I Shot web?

Wit yor writs!

How old is too old? (for you?)


What do we do when we fall down?

we hit the ground

have you ever had a huge hangover?

You have NO idea!

Is it looking like the winter is going to be unusually warm where you are?

we are halfway through it and its unusually cold.

if you could have any superpower you want. what would you choose?

I would have freezing powers like iceman in X-Men.

Why have I started procrastinating this year when I didn't before?

Because you're getting older and think the adage "Working hard or hardly working" is a philosophy of life

What do you think of the new Taco avatar?

It's a zero punctuation avatar with a taco.

What do you think of people who always change their avatar? :P

i dont think about them

who do you hate?

The Bosses at the last 2 companies I worked for. If murder weren't illegal...

What is your 2nd favorite color?


Where is the Zombie Planet the astronomers are talking about?

in the zombar system away in another galaxy

have ever killed a zombie?

Only ones I was related to.

If the Force were real which side would you end up on: Jedi, Sith, or Solitaire (ie-your own)?

sith of course. who is stupid enough to go with the good side?

if you could live anywhere at anytime where and when?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Yeah, I almost could have died a few days ago!

Who's the least scariest clown?

T0ad 0f Truth, but don't tell him that I said that or he'll kill me!!!

Should I ask Caramel Frappe to animate my avatar's eyes to blink?

Of course! DO IT NAO!

Am I fat?

Well no of course not OK a little bit... BUT JUST A BIT!

Should I buy a bulletproof vest?

Nah, just run up to one and touch it ala GTA III for free.

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Just a gun *cocks back* Wallet plz...

Are you a lover or a fighter?

Purr for me and we'll both find out. :P

Does everybody LOVE my new avatar?!?

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