Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Yes, quite impeccable indeed

Do you swim?

do i?

do you like taco?

Meh, he's all right.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I never lost it I remember exactly who I left it with......Sorry 18.

Have you ever had an hangover so bad that it felt like someone was squeezing your brain?

Nope, I don't drink (allergic).

What's your zombie plan?

Not drinking myself into a stupor--or at all, for that matter. Drinking gives me dangerously high blood pressure.

How many different colors are there in Scottish clan tartans?

Far too many

Who is John Galt?

The hero of Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. It is also the very first sentence of the book, and a running gag throughout.

So, how about those Mets?

Mets, met, mets, you mean nets, I guess those are good for fishing.

Have you been paying attention to CES?

What's CES? Uh, I guess the On Topic answer would be "No".

Are there flash flood warnings being announced now wherever you live?

Nope. It's not even raining here!

Do you like rain?

Only if it ends up with me kissing someone while running toward them

Do you like me?

I love tacos
Who is John Coffey?

An artist which I had previously never heard of

Do you ever leave the escapist?

Yes, I have school and whatnot I have to do >.>

Any advice for someone who wants to try and make some electronic music?

Mario Paint is as close as mixing music as I've ever gotten.

Who's getting Best Movie at the Academy Awards this year?

I've only seen Skyfall... It was really good I'd give it the oscar...

Any relevant movies came out this year?

Les Miserables, because it's French

Would you like to watch a riff?

I've watched all of Tripping the Rif--t.

Does Yoda talk like that because he has Asperger's syndrome?

yes he does

do you like my little pony?


Do you remember that Life on Mars tv drama few years back now?

nope. never heard of it

what do you so blindly love that you cant see its faults?

If I knew the answer to that my love wouldn't truly be blind, would it?

The temperature just dropped 40 degrees F in one day here. Do you think that global warming is giving Mother Nature hot flashes?

If you want to call them that, yes

Do you like tacos?

Which ways more, 1lb of gold or 1lb of feathers (TRICK QUESTION :D)

a pound of tacos

How do you recognize people on the escapist
username or avatar?

Usually by username, but the avatars help

If you had to eat your leg or your arm, which would you eat?

Which ways more, 1lb of gold or 1lb of feathers (TRICK QUESTION :D)

The feathers, because the standard pound for Gold--for old reasons I can't clearly recall--is 14 oz rather than16 oz.

OT: The one the bear trap is holding onto while the pendulum axe swings closer and closer towards killing me.

My question: Is paying $20.00 to join the Escapist's PubClub worth it?

Absolutely! Deals and some other nice bonuses with forums are great!

Is my new avatar in bad taste?

It's... different.

Should I change my avatar?

It's up to you but I like it.

Do you think Bioshock is as good as many critics say it is?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Why do we fall?

Because gravity sucks, of course.

Which hand am I typing with because the other is covered with Cheetos cheese crumbs?

The one that is NOT covered with Cheetos cheese crumbs.

Will I ever find love?

Yes, hold strong

Something big will happen, can you guess?

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