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Now. All right, all right.

From space the oceans are blue, the land masses are brown, and the polar ice caps are white.

What does Detroit look like from space?

Like a toilet.

How does one eat their cereal without their hands?

Quickly! And then run to the hospital with your bleeding wrist stumps shoved under the other arm's arm pit in the hopes of staving off blood loss long enough to stay conscious until you receive medical attention.

What New Year's resolutions will you be making?

To kick @$$ and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of @$$!

Are you a Cylon?

Nope, Chuck Testa!

Why did the goat fall over the cheese around the mountain while whistling the anthem of Canada.

Because that is a National Tradition!

Where and when did Rock and Roll become famous forever?

Where==Elvis's hip thrusts. When==Teenage girls first saw him hip-thrust.

Where is your avatar from?

It's a RL Halloween photo, of course! Don't you recognize my sexy legs?!?

What would you do if you knew you only had 24 hours to live?

Hide or destroy my porn stash and clean up my place so that when they find my corpse they won't realize just how really bad a slob I am.

Where do you find time?

It's always in the last place you look.

Are you going through a transitional phase, now?

Did all the "emo-ing" give me away?

If you met a beautiful nun (or priest) and she/he brandished a yard long ruler with a blank expression on her/his would you react?

I would say "Gods not the only name you'll be praising after this." you know, for the lolz effect

Can you touch your toes?

After about 10 minutes of serious stretching, yes.
Do you read comics?

Yes, they're very enjoyable to me!

Have any advice for a 17 year old male?

Don't marry her!!!

Have any advice for a 40 year old male?

Walk away from the gold digger while you still can!

Have any advice for a 20 year old girl?

The world is your bitch!

How can I tell if a girl is interested in me?

When she stops macing you in the eyes long enough to mutter to herself: "Maybe I could have given him the chance to finish saying 'Hello'."

Smooth, Copper. You did not ask a question. And on your own thread. Very smooth. Epic even.

What are you doing on New Year's Eve?

I stayed up and watched the ball drop in New York City, then hung out on the internet until 6:30 AM.

Wild times...yep...

Do you have a hangover this New Year's day?

I did have a hangover. It took me until today to get over it. I swear I think I almost drank enough to kill myself.

Have you ever sworn "Never again!" about drinking?

Ha, I've never drank that much, so I can't that I have! :D

How optimistic do you feel about 2013?

I spent the majority of 01/01/2013's morning on the loo (not sure WHAT I ate at that night...) I'm taking it as a sign of things to come...

What's the longest you've stayed awake?

Two and a half days. I was reading up on sleep deprivation. I didn't start hallucinating :(

Do you have a credit card with a balance so high you're considering selling little relatives into slavery to be able to pay for it?

My bank would never ever let me have that much credit!

Have you ever gotten genuinely upset over how something has changed?

Yeah, four year olds and their cell phones. The hell, man.

So do Balrogs have wings, and can they use them?

Four year olds with cellphones... why. Why would anyone do that. Also, at first I was thinking Balrog wings would be like chicken wings; there but useless, but looking at one now there's definitely flight potential in those things! ... Whenever they're not halfway burnt up, at least. :b

Does it annoy you when a site near well demands you to sign in with Facebook in order to access things?

It does annoy me, considering I do not have a Facebook account.

So did Tony Soprano get whacked in the finale?


How many miles must a man walk?

Half as many as women, but only on Sundays.

What is it with Ubisoft, anyway?

No idea! I virtually grew up with UbiSoft games, Rayman was my Mario and Sam Fisher was absolute boss, but everyone's got a bone to pick with them! They've let themselves get caught up in the whole DRM mess with StarForce, Always On and so on, but at least they've had the guts to admit it didn't work and left it behind. Half their studios definitely like developing for consoles more than PCs, though, with the gamepad-esque control schemes standing out from miles away.

Are you a runner?! How fast and how far do you know/think you can go without stopping?

I like to see myself more as a sandman. I will go as fast and as far as I need to in order to pursue those pesky runners to the end of the, well, giant dome thing.

Would a discontinuity in the local Riemann manifold, such as a portal between two points in space, lead to a simple discontinuity in the Einstein tensor or would the spatial profile around the portal warp in order to allow the manifold to remain continuous between sides of the portal?

I re-read that twice and I don't have a clue.

Do you think this winter is going to be as warm as last winter was?

I think it'll be just as warm, due to the sun and stuff

Why do I change my avatar a lot?

Tacos are like Chinese food--after one hour you want some more.

If you knew the world was going to end this year on a certain date would you tell anyone?

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