Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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No, because I know they'd make a mess of things and it would all be very stupid and bad.

If you could rob a bank and never ever be caught, would you do it?

If, IF, I could do it without anyone getting hurt AND I can still spend the stolen money then yes. Definitely.

If you invented something that could make you a lot of money, but could also do a lot of harm to people (including yourself), would you release it or destroy it?

Destroy it in the hope that it drops some money as loot, and then sell my story to the media.

What is the most uncool thing you could do?

Bitch slap my elderly mother.

Will you do anything special on your birthday.

I don't know, maybe! For my 20th I was in New York and surprised the hell out of an entire hotel restaurant full of people by having nearly 20 people sing birthday songs in Norwegian. Kinda hard to top that!

What's your favourite video game genre?

No idea, I like most to tell the truth, though I guess whatever kind of game Zelda is, that's my favourite.

Will you eat some Ice Cream for me?
I can't I'm sick :(

Of course! *noms Ice Cream*

If you are blue and don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits?

Because I'm part of the Blue Man group, I don't have the time

Do you enjoy making fun of movies?

Only the bad ones. If anyone were to make fun of a classic piece of cinema like, say, Expendables 2, then that would be unforgivable.

Do you like me?

Well, I can't say I dislike you because we've never really talked. But you are good guy!

Have you ever read Brave New World?

no, I very much behind on my classic sci-fi.

Why haven't you played Mount & Blade yet?

because I haven't heard of it.

if two mimes in the jungle died by being crushed by a tree would anyone hear it?

No, but all their impersonations of lifting heavy weights would suddenly become a lot more poignant.

Are you pretentious?

I'm above such things.

Do you watch American college football? 'Bama is playing for the National Championship Monday night!!! ROLL TIDE!!!

Nah. Only sport I care for is hockey. And just barely.

What happens when I run out of ideas for questions on this thread?

The basement opens.
God help us all.
Don't run out of questions.

Is Ryan North or Randal Munroe the funnier comic writer, in your opinion? If you don't know who they are, guess. :D
If you choose wrongly I eat your eyes.

Ryan North?

*stabs eyeballs out and throws them into the sea*

My tattoo was worth the time, money and suffering?

Of course it wasn't, how could it? It's just ink silly! Nothing more, nothing less.
I'm just being silly, if you like Zapdos that much, I guess it was worth it.

What happens at 3:33?

Santa comes out to give gifts.
Or maybe Satan? Those really should be farther apart in spelling.

Are you Canadian? On the inside.

On the inside?

Are you facing North right now?

I am afraid I do not know in which direction the North is located, my orientation sense is less than ideal, so I don't know basically.

Should you tickle the roses?

NO! The roses eat people!

Persona 4 Golden. Thoughts?

Never played it personally but I saw a LP of it. It looked fun to play but I had absolutely no idea what was going on in terms of story.

Do you read Fanfiction? Do you have a favorite story?

I occasionally read fan fiction, though sometimes I prefer dramatic readings. I tend not to take it too seriously, so I prefer the ones that are either taking the piss of themselves or having the piss taken out of them. My current favourite is this one

Nobody cares what Ebony is wearing

Are there any game series that you love all the way through? Which ones?

I love the BioShock series; they'll have to bury the games with me when I die?

What is your impression of me as a person?

You seem obsessed with taco's, which is fine because they taste good. I'd need to know you more personally though.

Is Bioshock 1 better than 2?

They're both great games that I have a lot of time for, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. But if I had to decide, yes, Bioshock 1 is better. The Andrew Ryan speeches are awesome. "I chose...Rapture"

Team Guilty Spark or Team Wheatley?

Not too keen on either of them to be honest.

Pc or consoles?


Reds or Blues?

More of a blue-ish green really.

I have a two part question for you:
What would you do if you were going to die?
And how did you ever convince yourself you weren't?

I would love those who love me and try to make my final days for them easier to deal with. That way they won't have to hear me wailing on about everything I wanted to do, see, etc...

I'm not going to die. Because I'm Batman.

Where did rum go?

Rum got shot outside the theater; they called it redrum

Are you gonna try it out?

I probably will, I probably will.

What is that I'm probably going to try?

i dont dare think of that.

how on earth?

...That never existed...

Sarge or Caboose?

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