What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Put some more clothes on. Posted somewhere else.

Went outside to go sing in the rain.

Started sneezing uncontrollably.

Started not sneezing uncontrollably.

Denied sneezing uncontrollably and decided to troll another board.

Became king of the boards.

Crowned me the king of chess boards!

Disposed of the hypotenuse.

Wasted time in the most elegant way possible.

Tried to stop dancing but it is physically impossible.

Tried to start his own space program.

Succeeded in starting his own space program.

Sabotaged said space program...

Rekickstarted the space program he sabotaged.

Went on a protest against socks in sandals.

Went back against that reform as he likes socks and sandals.

Shaddup, they're comfy. >:-/

Took over France.

Reenacted the French Revolution in France.

Reenacted the entire second World War in his neighbor's backyard.

Played a brutally hard game.

Played a rediculously easy game and somehow managed to lose.

Entered a breakdancing tournament and was about to win but he screwed something up and broke his leg, shame : /

Attempted to dance, but failed miserably.

Wrestled an elf.

Made a kid watch IT.

Read through every post in the Blatant Lies thread.

Scrapped the blueprints for their world domination scheme.

Is watching me through my monitor. 0.0

Discovered how to read the minds of really fat mice.

Tries, in vain I imagine, to figure out how to get his avatar right side up.

Went on a journey to kick me out of his basement once and for all.

Traveled to India and then went right back home.

Went to see my family abroad. 0.o

Tried to find Carmen Sandiego.

Spammed the Forum Games group.

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