What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Fought off the holiday crowd so he could find somewhere comfortable to sit at the mall

Started The Great Facepalming.

Went to wash their helmet, not taking it off for months has made it smell awful!

Scam people out of their hard earned money by looking cute?

Went to the North Pole to try and get a few extra presents.

Had a ham sandwich.

Was taken by some government officials for questioning.

After posting, Fijiman took off his helmet and enjoyed some cold Nord Mead

Went to work on their next Taco avatar.

Helped revive a bunch of forum games.

sat upside down instead of sideways.

Broke their fist!

Twirled his whiskers maliciously for evil purposes

Rocked out to the worst music he could find.

went to control the world with his helmet

Realised that punching the entire planet may not have been the smartest move.

Went around the city slapping random people from the alleys.

Went jaywalking in the nude.

Went even madder and accidentally pressed the big red button.

Was consumed in their curiosity to press the spinning button.

Quickly deleted his browsing history before I checked out his porn

Was reminded by Tizzy to do the same

Began training for the Olympics.

Created a PC out of noodles.

Whacked some poor fool with the banhammer

Went on to shoot people first.

watched the firefight with glee

Reinvented the internet.

Became my trusted lieutenant in my evil empire

Stared in the screen for a second sighed and hit the forum games button again.

Nostalgically played on his PS1

Was pulled out of stores for obvious reasons.
This isn't going to make sense when you change your avatar.

Pre-ordered the Dead Island: Riptide collector's edition

Quietly buys 10 sets of the collector's edition

Threw up his hands in disgust and raged at the computer screen

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