What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Wondered why there was suddenly a claymore in his chest.

Started singing opera music to the cat

ate his own head

Lost his marbles.

Resulting in someone gathering the dragon balls and ushering a new age of darkness.

Thought about the best way to take over that small town up the coast.

Sat at his computer refreshing this thread to see what I'd say he did after posting....

took off his eye patch to reveal a monocle.

Pulled off the most amazing move combo ever... while no one has watching.

Removed his helmet and destroyed the world

Made a new avatar.

Made a rocketship.

Reclaimed what is rightfully his.

was too busy saving the world to bother doing any reclaiming

Became the top shooter at StormTrooper Academy

Dreaming up new avatars.

Rampaged through some small European village.

went on a quest to kill the demon

Formed a folk band and toured north Canada.

He travelled the wastelands in his bus until he ran out of gas and had to walk, but the road was too long and he passed out from exhaustion, later he woke up at a hospital but he wasn't sure how he got there.

Went on an expedition and traveled to the center of the Earth.

Clicked on the ban game and posted his little heart away.

Kept on trukin' to the point of no return

Jumped so high that he ran into the moon.

Went on to play Halo 4 without me (too much work to do on my part)

Got some soda.

Replaced all of my Pepsi with Diet Pepsi.

Learned how to turn diet sodas into alcohol.

Learned how to transmute an apple into a potato.

Founded the Great Potato Empire in Antarctica.

Ate the Great Potato Empire in Antarctica with sour cream

He discovered that his avatar could be seen as an unintentional South Park joke.

Damned his enemies to a fate worse than death...Rebirth!

Got a head in life............

Repented his puns >.<

Re-attached his kitty ears after an unfortunate cosplay accident.

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