What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Set up the first store on the moon.

Conquered the Russian steppe.

Gathered a milita to the Russian steppe and revolted against Fijiman

Is his own republic within the Russian federation.

Went on to abduct an unsuspecting family of ducks and hold them for the great ransom of a "genuine British roast dinner".

Was the vigilante who saved the ducks from Scde2.

Raised the ducks as one of his own.

(And I shall call him George)

Plotted to assassinate the ducks, one at a time.

Came over and hang out for a while.

Rethought his alignment

Devised a way to live in space

Became the first human to break dance on the Moon and Mars.

Became my rival and went to another solar system to out do me.

Traveled to two galaxies to outdo me.

Conquered and renamed Fiji to The Personal Demesne of Fijiman

Took a break from dancing for an hour or two.

Decided to sit correctly for once

Decided to get face surgery

Was forced to have...taco...surgery?

Paid an obscene amount of money for a full body massage.

I don't know whether there was a happy ending or not, though.

Replaced everything in their bloodstream with cola.

Was forced to drink their least favorite drink for a week.

He attempts to distill all the world's water

He tainted the water that was getting distilled.

Came to love the taint

Tried to take over the world by tainting distilled water where Fijiman had failed.

Made rag doll physics work in real life.

Got himself arrested while testing out the rag doll physics I implemented. :B

Found a way to market irl rag doll physics

Rag doll physics... I see a future for those items that may not be limited to gaming... :-D

The poster above me distracted himself with ragdoll physics.

Watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Watched Fairy Tail and decided to read Rave Master while at it.

Went on to become number 1 FMA fanfiction writer.

Went on to rewrite Fairy Tail, now with 10% more fanservice!

Became slightly less...silent.

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