What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Become more of a tormentor.

Ran around the countryside three times before breakfast.

Turn himself sideways, that handsome knight.

Stopped being angry and threw a party at Fijiman's house despite Fiji's reluctance to the idea, he got very drunk on milk and woke up on a motel dressed as a woman.

Helped me get back at Silent by getting him to dress as a woman once he was nice and drunk.

Drank lots of Chinese tea and then shat through the eye of a needle.

Foiled those two guys' (you know them) plan by making a perfect copy of himself to go there on that night.

Flew too close to the sun

Became the new sun.

Changed his legal name to Lord Filmiten Arkadium Yybellum Reginald VI of House Tizzy, Knight of the Seven Seas, Emir of the Grand Crayon, Viscount of Middlesex and Doux of Cocoon.

Who then later reverted to Hitler cat-boy.

Discovered that he is a pretty unicorn and flew away shooting rainbows from his horn.

Discovered that it was him who was crashing into the witches, not the other way around.

Lay down on the ceiling.

Got some candy and ate all of it!

Changed an avatar.

contemplated the impact of speculative purchase on an economy that is lurching out of recession.

Altered reality so that it was more like the fallout games but where deathclaws are pets.

Being Mr. Cynical in Religion and Politics again.

Tried to get me to go into the minefield that is the R&P section.

Went into R&P and lived.

Drowned himself in a river of punch.

Troubled someone else, though not on the internet for once...

Got into a "Who is the most gruff" competition.

Found his face....

Sat and pondered the idea that a flamingo is pretty cool.

Tried not to set the world on fire

Danced around a fire like an idiot.

Denied the existence of a personal army of robotic sea sponges

Unleashed the unknown terrors that dwell within disco balls.

Denied the existence of a personal army of robotic sea sponges

Maybe that's because I have an army of robotic sea gnomes. Not sponges.

OT: Joined the circus as the guy who gets shot out of a cannon.

Grew a batch of test tube babies.

Began his conquest of small, populated moons.

Had his knees replaced WITH BEES!

Stole the bees honey while they were busy bee-ing knees!!

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