What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Got laid!

Constructed a statue using only string beans.

Masturbated furiously to said bean statue

Had a little nip of whisky.

Created whisky with nipples!

Shot a man in Reno to just see him die.

Crafted a laser sniper.

Ate a bag of chips.

Baked a huge mound of potatoes.

Pulled his cock from the gaping maw that once was JFK's skull, wiped it off on Jackie' dress, and strolled off into the sunset.

Electrocuted a dude's nuts.

Wrote a novel about a turnip.

Blew up the base again.

Tracked and destroyed a superior tank.

Laid down some hard truths.

Had a knee-slappining good day!

watched an all day marathon of Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2.

Vacuumed up the remains of someone's heart.

Went and jumped into the pool.

Bumped his head on the bus roof.

got a tan

Swallowed a pig.

Flipped a cat.

Stuffed a turkey.

Handed out lottery tickets to the unlucky citizens of Nipton.

Stroked his magnificent beard.

Picked up a dog and examined it for bombs.

Took a long nap.

Wrote to Bill Watterson.

watered the lawn

Planted some beans.

Punched Caesar in the face.

Stuck a plantain down a raccoon's gullet.

Sat in some onions while thinking about his life so far.

Wrote Jean-Luc Picard's biography.

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