What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Bought a zoot suit.

Purchased a third lung.

fell down a mineshaft. Got back up using a bazooka.

Sticky-jumped out of the map and got stuck there for an hour, resulting in considerable expense for the local fire department.

Thought about things.

Had some haddock and a ham hock with salad.

Played fifa 97 with his imaginary friend Bob.

Grew a cactus.

Divided by zero. Three times.

Wished he was as cool as that one guy Headsprouter.

Got up, brushed himself off and said "Ho!"

played a 12 hour game of Risk

Sang Dark Eyes.

started, and single handedly won WW3!

Tried to start WW4, but failed due to there being no one to start a war with.

made a sandwich

Thought about something and then instantly forgot what it was.

Ate a bowl of cereal.

Flipped a cat over with her foot.

Saw the stars.

Sexed a dolphin.

Took a four hour bath.

Found a munitions cache.

Sold U235 to shifty looking people in the mall parking lot.

Composed a sonata.

Belly flopped into a pool of Jell-O.

Swam up a major river.

Swanned vigorously.

Ran into his doppelganger.

Squwanked the good squwank.

Flopped the good flop.

Blew up a gas station.

Sucked on an already damp peanut.

thwarted an evil plan

Spooked the birds.

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