What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Saw a bee save a bus full of children.

Stamped out the raiders.

Organized a charity event.

Pied a chart.

Munched some popcorn.

Created a cure to the industrial virus.

Severed dinner to the leaders of every nation, poisoning them all.

Baked cookies for everyone.

Resign as finance minister.

Founded New Blamco.

Vanished into the code of the site.

Cracked wise, eh.

cooked some dinner

Cracked open a cold one.

Beat someone over the head with a tea kettle.

Grabbed some nuts.

Fought the High Elder Dragon.

Practically brought the Grove back by hisself.

Bought a tank with fried noodles.

Filled the database with goddamn koalas again. Jesus Christ, Fiji.

Tickled waffles with reckless abandon.

Mined for platinum.

Named that mine "Notyours"

(Now I own the Notyours Mine, lol)

Farted in the presence of an NCR ranger and ran away giggling.

Fought naked with a bear.

Reviewed the shittiest Final Fantasy game.

fired a rifle into the air while balls deep in a squeling hog!

Caught the bullet with his face.

Broke his longbow.

shot a guard in the knee with an arrow that started a PLAYED. . . OUT. . . MEME!

Flipped a burger and added a bit of cheese, but held the onions. Also had condiments and brioche buns on standby.

Passed a law declaring that he is indeed, The Law.

Betrayed the law.

rode dragons and bedded wenches.

Bade the soldiers shoot.

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