What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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went straight to hell. . . and took over the place!

Manned the parapet - the whole length of it.

Flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Got some cookies out of the cupboard.

Shot someone.

Built more capitol buildings.

inspired the troops

Annexed the toilets.

united the nine realms

Piped away the officers.

Sought out the mystical city of France.

emerged triumphant against an army of evil

Farted a bit and wafted desperately.

went streaking!

Blocked the bridge so nobody could get their tanks across.

Ceased to be.

Pleased a bee.

Blocked the bridge so nobody could get their tanks across.

I tried to do that once. No one came to the bridge I was at. I was saddened by this even more when they altered to map to have a land bridge right next to the actual one, making blocking off that bridge a fruitless endeavor.

OT: Screamed at his hands until they could play every instrument ever made.

Made a hollow poo.

Pretended they were garden salad for seventeen minutes, got bored so tried to be steak instead. Mushroom sauce. Medium rare.

Dug a tank ditch.

Caught fish using only his feet.

Diddled a dragon.

Ate a Boomerang. But it repeated on them.

Jockeyed for control of the discs.

Went and bothered everyone on earth.

Thought the moon was a great big asteroid come to wipe out humanity and ran off to live in an underground bunker for the next twenty years. When they emerged, they discovered humanity had created the perfect toothpaste.

Divined the future and still managed to step in a puddle and get pissy sock.

Asked a grilled cheese sandwich the meaning of existence. Got the reply:

"Kiss me you fool!"

Planted a tiny microphone in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Took down an elephant with nothing more than a Swiss army knife and a whiffle bat

Borked up the Swedish Chef's Christmas dinner.

Set fire to the knees of orphans.

Performed a cat abortion.

flew off on a tiger made of lightning.

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