What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Remade the world in his image.

Tossed some salaaaaaaaaad.

smoked a mean barbeque!

Smacked a man right in the chops.

posted in a bunch more forum games.

Plastered the walls and did a respectable job of it.

Sought out a dry place to make wet.

Unplugged all the speakers in the house.

set up a wicked sound system.

Sneezed on a stranger, blowing them approximately two kilometres away.

watched a falling skies marathon.
(seriously, watch falling skies. it's awesome!)

Drove the goblins back to their holes.

Bought cat food.

Commanded some appetizers.

Pondered why cheese hasn't been made from rocks yet.

Reset the shit barometer.

Sought a cure for the common idiot.

Threw some butter at the headmaster.

flew around on a tiger made of lightning.

A loooootta crack.

Watched nothing but porn for three days strait.

Attempted to install more memory.

conquered France

Lost several IQ points but gained delicious cake!

went base jumping

Planted more crops in the settlement's farm.

Nailed someone to a wall.

bought a bunch of books he'll never read.

Pantsed the Pope in public.

listened to mandatory fun, weird al's latest album.

Quacked at every third person that walked by.

bought a bunch of books he'll never read.

Hey, I'll read them eventually.

Declared something to be a total crock of shit and continued along the path of righteousness.

rocked an awesome guitar riff!

Locked the taskbar.

grew a mean mustache.

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