What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Took a jump to the left and a step to the right.

Crashed through a window.

Fucking ruined Danny Dyer.

Made off with all of Communism.


Convinced someone that they were an alien.

Talked dirty to a watermelon.

Ran out of gas.

Added more panzers.

ran some stairs.

Farted in an infinite number of directions.

It was at that moment that Fijiman realized his team was not cutting the mustard. Thinking quickly, he set his Jagdtiger to self-destruct and drove it into the heart of the enemy lines, blowing a breach through which the noobs could charge their tier-1 crapmobiles. His sacrifice was remembered and loudly celebrated in team chat with many a "lol cool".

took the nexus by storm.

Flapped at a flock of geese and sent them spinning to their hilarious doom on the rocks below.

went skydiving.

Went on a rampage through the city that went down in history as "That one day where some really angry dude ran around the city trying to break things and failing."

Grew a fabulous beard.

Bought a new pair of boots.

Tried to start a coal miners strike.

Smothered a dream.

won a tavern brawl.

Lost a tavern brawl.

Dribbled a gibbon like a big, bouncy ball.

made a killer slam dunk

Kicked something into orbit around Jupiter.

Went and posted on another thread, then sat back and let out a long, relaxing fart.

ran for president

Walked in on a gnome using his bathroom.

punted a gnome.

Sought out the opinion of some rediculously old dude.

He masticated

Dabbled in potatomancy.

Fought a demon in a heated interpretive dance battle.

Just absolutely fuckin' whacked it. For days.

absolutely nothing!

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