What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Smothered a dream.

won a tavern brawl.

Lost a tavern brawl.

Dribbled a gibbon like a big, bouncy ball.

made a killer slam dunk

Kicked something into orbit around Jupiter.

Went and posted on another thread, then sat back and let out a long, relaxing fart.

ran for president

Walked in on a gnome using his bathroom.

punted a gnome.

Sought out the opinion of some rediculously old dude.

He masticated

Dabbled in potatomancy.

Fought a demon in a heated interpretive dance battle.

Just absolutely fuckin' whacked it. For days.

absolutely nothing!

Played The Sims for about ten minutes before deciding it was garbage.

Saw a bird and thought it was pretty. Then ordered someone to go kick its ass.

Punched a gorilla

Absolutely freaked over the price of eggs in their local supermarket.

Thought about food.

Became a professor of biology at the Cambridge Institute.

pinched the pimples on a gorilla's face.

Gazes at his navel for a while.

gazed at the stars.

Gazed at a gazing gazer gazing at other gazers.

Said yes and got double-zapped for lying.

I honestly don't want to know!

Twirled his moustache villainously.

Grew a moustache.

Advocated for the personal freedoms of children.

Adopted a cat

Returned to the present, without ever knowing that he was half a year in the past. (Seriously, Spooky is bullying my older cats right now.)

Liked and subscribed

Jigged a dance.

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