What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Played The Sims for about ten minutes before deciding it was garbage.

Saw a bird and thought it was pretty. Then ordered someone to go kick its ass.

Punched a gorilla

Absolutely freaked over the price of eggs in their local supermarket.

Thought about food.

Became a professor of biology at the Cambridge Institute.

pinched the pimples on a gorilla's face.

Gazes at his navel for a while.

gazed at the stars.

Gazed at a gazing gazer gazing at other gazers.

Said yes and got double-zapped for lying.

I honestly don't want to know!

Twirled his moustache villainously.

Grew a moustache.

Advocated for the personal freedoms of children.

Adopted a cat

Returned to the present, without ever knowing that he was half a year in the past. (Seriously, Spooky is bullying my older cats right now.)

Liked and subscribed

Jigged a dance.

Poured a glass of water all over their crotch. Dangit.

Went on a blind date with a pornstar. Married a pornstar. Didn't know she was a pornstar.

Successfully founded a new outpost in Glenumbra.

Praised the sun

Levelled up their conjuration skill.

Bought some bibles.

Stole candy from babies and then threw it at old people.

Whipped up some mushroom soup.

Thought of a thing that did something.

Built another rainbow tower in Minecraft.

Forged the Mace of the Golden Dawn.

Took the mantle of an ordinator.

Went skydiving without a parachute, and succeeded!

Spotted some duck.

Sold one of his paintings for a hot meal.

Gave in to the dark side.

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