What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Conquered the mole people and made them productive members of society.

Got totally wonked on hard cheese.

Downloaded random youtube videos.

Wafted the warp clouds away.

Made onion rings.

Listened to the bells.


Looked for nudes.

Sent nudes

Was contemplating sending Michelangelo statues for a few minutes.

OT: Made Greek food.

Changed his major to early norwegian black metal studies.

Achieved Chim without zero-summing.

Watched porn with subtitles.

Invented the universal translating duck.

Accidently won the tour de france.

Tripped over a poke-ball and broke a wooden coffee table.

Cucumbered the entire cast of their favorite TV/Netflix show.

made some toast.

Judged a parsnip.

Went to a movie to listen to a mixtape that a friend of his other friend gave him.

Collapsed on the nearest sofa and fell asleep.

Went to Nigeria to meet his cousin/prince/scammer.

Had a minor political schism.

Graduated high school

Exploded into a million tiny Wintermutes.

Ate some stale cookies

Performed 'Dark Eyes' for a crowd of seven.

Wrote Shaun of the Dead 2

Attended NoBrandCon.

Stole Christmas

Stole something worthless.

Listened to his favorite Weezer song.

Carried a potato to the promised land.

Carried a potato to the promised land.

Followed previous poster's example, and also carried a potato to the promised.

Beeped and booped for hours on end.

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